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Nord Windows 10 Theme

By niivu
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Nord Windows 10 Theme 📦

Works on builds 1903-20H2

Based on Nord Colors.  An arctic, north-bluish color palette.

It's finally here folks.  Hope you all enjoy.  Thanks so much to all the people who comment and add to their faves, your support is appreciated. 

:bulletblue:  UPDATED NOV 11 2020 - Includes two Stardock Curtains themes to compliment the Suite.  :P 
:bulletgreen: UPDATED DEC 15 2020 - Now includes the wallpapers and NORD EXTRAS.

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© 2020 - 2021 niivu
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I have been using this but a few weeks back, firefox/vlc and right click on desktop colors are not how they are supposed to be. Image here for example. Any idea why and how to fix?

EDIT: apparently downloading the new version of UltraUXThemePatcher fixed it. Lovely!

Screenshot 2021-04-16 173802
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Excellent-looking theme. Great work niivu .

task manager, file explorer, title bar looks weird in 20h2, do you know how to fix this? it's really annoying .

can someone tell me how nivuu managed to have no icons on an active taskbar?

this is the prettiest theme I have ever liked.

Can you please make an Office edition for this theme, I currently enjoy this but the microsoft apps turn dark :(

mi ha fatto scaricare la pagina e non la cartella mi puoi aiutare?

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You are an artist niivu!

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i need some help please why isn't working correctly the bars and the title is not showing

i have windows 10 19041.630


Have you applied the theme? Just applying the icon pack won't do it

Same problem with Win 10 20H2 (build 19042.928)

Help certainly appreciated =)

One quicks question. Is there a way to quickly modify the theme such that there is no address bar?

Hi I have a problem (I managed to apply everything correctly), but how do you do for the other apps to give the three dots to close apps such as Spotify

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I don't use Spotify.


I was thinking exactly about the curtain for nord too. You are really good at this


How do i fix the data manager of web browsers? firefox and chrome show the same. no folders on the left and the font color is the same as the background. it's the nord dark mode.


hi, with the theme i have a little bug. The title of open documents remains constantly displayed in blue. Impossible to remove the blue, surely a display bug?


For some of the apps my text box is just all white and i have to highlight the words to see what they are saying, any fix for this?

thanks for this awesome theme.

There is just 1 small thing that i want to ask you:

is it possible that u update the theme so that the color of the progressbar is also matching the theme when u click on more details?

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Thanks Niivu for your job!

I have 2 questions for you, the first is you could put your ORB (The Windows one but colored). The second question is, this theme you can also do it in Snow colors as written on the site ( Did you use Polar Night colors, could you also do Snow Storm?

I have one problem, when i patch and reboot whit secureuxtheme, when i apply the theme nord darkest nothing change, only the colors turn to gray i have windows 2004

Any estimate for 2009 update? I absolutely LOVE this theme!!

Thank you for update! Not sure if you actually changed anything or I was just setting it up wrong once windows updated, but either way - this theme is great!

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