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Janguru Theme for Windows 10

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Published: March 5, 2019

---->  The wait is finally over folks!  <----

Welcome to the Jungle baby!  Janguru is here!

This has been a treat to put together.  A lot of work was put into this, and yes it's free. 
A special shoutout to LukasKokoska for putting together a beautiful concept and team to put it into action.
So giving thanks by way of comment and adding to your faves is very much appreciated. :thanks:

The Team...
:iconlukaskokoska: :iconniivu: :iconburnsplayguitar: :iconhal-ullr:
The Suite...
Janguru suite released!


So many choices...
1.  Ten styles to choose from.
   (Classic, Classic Mangrove, Classic, Parrot, Classic Tropical, Imrik,
Inverted, Inverted Mangrove, Inverted Parrot, Inverted Tropical)
2.  Each style comes in Light, 1809 Dark Mode and Darker.
3.  Support for 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809 & 1903 versions of Windows 10.
(*Aero Caption Bars Require AeroGlass)

Included in this package is a set of cursor themes in either regular or x2 size.
The cursor theme is a port/mod of the Linux cursors Bibata

Also there are BaseBrd images and 5 extra *start orbs with the theme. 
(*Requires StartIsBack)

To complete the overall look.  Please use OldNewExplorer -… for a more minimal interface.  
Winaero Tweaker has some nice features as well.  For instance use it to change the Caption Height size to 19 to get the title bar buttons closer together.
For more information read this Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes

:new: - UPDATED FOR 1903...Theme is now smaller in size.  Support for light or dark taskbars.
Revision to Radio & CheckBox Buttons for Darker version.
-Initial Release


A huge shoutout to folks over at Virtual Customs  for their helpful forums.
Thanks to the community here on DeviantArt!  Your positive feedback and faves really encourage me to keep doing this.
This is one of my best themes I'm proud to say and share it with you!

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I had fun making it.
Triplets parrot 
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LXRDDragolianNew Deviant

I love this theme but how do i get the narrow taskbar with no icons?

DTPhoenix's avatar
DTPhoenixNew Deviant

I loved it, you guys absolute killed it

niivu's avatar
niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
13JOHN's avatar
When you turn on the pc :| (Blank Stare) 

QIP Shot - Screen 003 by 13JOHN  

What to do? :| (Blank Stare) 
mthejoyunspoken's avatar
I absolutely Love this Theme!!!
lollilol01's avatar
literally the best dark theme ever made for windows. i really appreciate it. THANKS GUYS!
BenSow's avatar
BenSowStudent General Artist
Which tool do I use to make title bars empty?
Xotek's avatar

i don't find 1903 folder in the zip :O which folder should i take themes from?

"Darker" or "Light_Dark modes 1809" ?

my system is 1903

Xotek's avatar

ive tried from both folder, but i don't see a difference in either.

i can't get it to work like when i had on 1809, before i upgraded to 1903.


but now neither "darker" or "light_dark modes 1809" folders are not changing the colour of certain elements, they are left white.

like this: (compare with the foobar of the above image)

any help to get the other programs to change colour to darker like in 1809?


Xotek's avatar
never mind, niivu!

i'm a moron... or my computer was being weird.

i used from "darker" folder and everything is working as intended now :D

thanks for updating all themes and hard work :D
LunaZelda's avatar
i need help instaling this in my computer...please help!!! 
karons's avatar
i love this theme, but i got the problem when i copy same file need replace or just copy some file show dialog with same white color
not like with matte theme before, i hope u can fix this theme.

can u fix this plz  with black font or make it like this thx dude awesome work.

OS : Win 10 1809 in dark mode niivu 
j17n's avatar

I love this theme and I've been using it for some days now and I really enjoy it.

I just have one problem: When I turn my laptop off and later turn it back on every font of my folders turn black which makes the names of each folder unreadable. Did I do something wrong?

Janguru theme glitch
BenSow's avatar
BenSowStudent General Artist
This is from his Guide to installing WIndows 10 Themes

"For dark themes Windows 10 loads defaults from
after every lock/sleep/hibernate/crash. 

Make a backup of that key, take ownership of it, and then delete that whole key (defualtcolors)."
nnaajjeebb's avatar

Why does my explorers doesn't switch to dark mode when I switch themes?

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 5
AmythUnleashed's avatar
I'm running this theme, I like it but unfortunately it affects the background color of excel. Is there any way to block the theme from affecting excel?
arnanmm's avatar
how to make the takbar lookas like yours ? the theme dosent change the taskbar in 1903
niivu's avatar
niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
Yeah in order to enable light mode support I had to edit the taskbar buttons out unfortunately.  I'm too busy at the moment to edit the preview.
silpyy's avatar
amazing workk. been using this since day one and i absolutely love it. i was wondering if you could add a style with white shadows around  the windows because it sometimes gets confusing between the windows with all the darkness. something like this:
2019-06-02--1559497247 1920x1080 Scrot by silpack69
niivu's avatar
niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
There's just so much work to update and maintain I can't.
silpyy's avatar
oh ok. keep up the good work regardless :happybounce:  Clap 
niivu's avatar
niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you. :)
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spiralosoHobbyist Interface Designer
Your works are so cool but this one really rocks! Great job niivu!
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