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This has been a treat to put together.  A lot of work was put into this. 

The Team...
:iconlukaskokoska: :iconniivu: :iconburnsplayguitar: :iconhal-ullr:
The Suite...
Janguru suite released!


7TSP GUI 2019 Edition

Installers for Windows 10 1903 or higher.

Still looking for the iPacks?  Get them here...


Sam Hewitt
Triplets parrot 
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amazing work man!!!!

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thanks you! amazing work!

Is there a Curtains theme?

I can't see the file with the 7TSP

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Just rename the file and put the .7z extension at the end.

is very incredible thanks!!!!

why the fuck every fucking time when ill instal the grey janguru theme it says "esse aplicativo não pode ser executado no seu pc" ?

every time i tried to install this icon, the 7tsp tool said "could not find pack.ini, make sure you are using a pack made for 7tsp" how do i solve this?

i'm also facing the same problem

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Beautiful icons
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Suru icons, ah remember ambiance GTK!
this is suited when there is ambiance theme for Windows 10. :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 

beautiful icons
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perfect theme! but, it would be great if the normal button is also darkened...

Anotacin 2019-08-26 165047 by XPOWERDIE  
Once installed Janguru should these carpets marks as red change his icons? 'cause they don't and look kinda ugly
Thanks anyway amazing icon pack!  
Icon set applies to folders while looking in the explorer application, however, the status bar is still the default windows 10 yellow icon, any way to get that to change also?
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You don't happen to know how to change/remove the dreadful red pin icon? 

Space by coroners  
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I was lazy,
Quick search and I found two solutions. Either follow this guide Windows 10 Quick access grey pinned icons hack or simply hide Quick Access and instead use WinAero Tweaker to add folders to This PC.
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Hello, this is really amazing icons and I'm using it right now. 
Only there is this very tiny ...glitch that I cannot unseen, and I wonder if you could look at it and possibly fix it?
Here's the screenshot :
Thank you in advance. :) 
AzizStark's avatar
I have the same problem. It ruins the design.
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