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* Make a system restore point before installing.

:faq: Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes


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Your themes are spectacular, GOOD WORK !!!

Excellent. Thank you!

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Realmente Excelente!

i have a general question, how are those themes made in general? like what program is used for that?

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Really nice theme, but could you make the window control buttons look like KDE Breeze theme instead of a Macintosh look? Here's an example. The cross button's background becomes red on hoover.

KDE Plasma Breeze

Hi, I'm currently using medium version. Can you help me how to fix white bar at bottom of my file explorer?

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Use old new explorer and disable status bar

Hi, I am currently unable to change icons, would you please help?

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Nice theme @niivu, how to remove icons on start menu?

im using startisback but I dont see the start menu changing as above. what I am doing wrong? thanks

nvm I figured it out :) didnt realize it was a SIB menu setting

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can it use with windows 10 2004?

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try matte, they look similar

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from the info, I don't think so

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Hi. I'm a graphic designer and I got a few stupid ideas for themes. Is there any tutorial , so I can learn how to create a theme like this beautiful one of yours?

Thank you so much for this theme!!!

I followed every step mentioned in your guide.

I have the following issue:


Utility background is still unchanged. I tried tweaking SecureUxTheme.

Also, you can see in the image that the arrows marked in red are not visible. Any clues?

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love this theme so much but anyone gets the white bar on the top menu? if so does anyone know how to fix it? thank you

Screenshot 1

pressing the alt key shows and hides it too

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