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Dracula for Windows


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💻 Dracula for Windows 

It's treat time, Dracula optimized for Windows 11!  I have not had a chance to test it on Windows 10 but feel free to do so.  OMG MOAR POEMS! 
A read me is included.  Make sure to follow the guide prior to installing or asking how to install.  I have a frequently asked question! 

This project was made possible with the Creature Wings Tutorial  dracula  Creature Wings Tutorial  color scheme.  Much time went into bringing it back to life. 
There's versions with or without addressbar (NA).  With two different caption button varieties.
Also includes some custom matching wallpapers in the themes directory.  Icons in the taskbar are ENIX (not included)


  • 🆘 Requirements

Please read the complete description as well as the guides above and the comments below before inquiring of issues.  Some are known and unresolvable.
© 2021 niivu
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Exactly what I was looking for. Because as a programmer I use Dracula theme in all my development software. And I think that only original wallpaper should be present but other are cool too.

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Just a thought that you might have already had. In the Castlevania games (and some movies), there is a character named Alucard that is Dracula's son, but with good in him that ends in their battle at the end of Shadows of the Night. It might fit in with a lighter theme with dark elements. As Dracula has darker elements and lighter highlights. Also I'm kind of a contrarian. So while Dracula's theme is cool. Now that everybody likes it. I'll probably just try and install an Apostle Paul theme instead. Got one of those? Maybe one of that little old lady in Poltergiest that excorsises the ghost? I'll pay cash. I found the wallet that we thought my wife lost last year, when she ran out of gas and went missing on the way home from delivering our new triplets. It was in an old pair of MC hammer pants I was fucking around with...doh!


This also works on Windows 10 LTSC 1809

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This was jst what i needed!

Edited from ko-Z for Windows 10 for Dracula.

Mediafire - Dracula Potplayer Skin

Dracula Potplayer
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Thanks again brother !!! Your work is greatly apprerciated !!!

When I probably end up switching to Windows 11, totally will use this.

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Hey! Just letting you know the current download link isn't working


It's working well for me tho?

Does it have rounded corners? I installed it on Windows 10, but there is no rounded corner.

Rounded corners only available in win 11. But you can do it in win 10 using Curtains by Stardock. 😊

Thanks a lot! yeah I've tried that using Stardock curtains, but it's still not working.😔

Paranoid Android Windows 10 Themes by niivu

This theme has rounded corners in win 10.

yes. I know that. it was the first theme I used.

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NIVU DUDE, You really are the best that ever did it when it comes to windows themes. Hands down! Thankyou so much for dracula update: Huge fan of this theme.

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How to fix it? 😥

QIP Shot - Screen 002
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Try this...but might be some bugs.

Replace it with it's current shellstyle.dll

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hey any chance i can get that file as well? When I try to DL it says it was deleted? Sorry had work today lol didnt get the chance to check back till now. Thanks nivu

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Weird. It shows it's still there for me. I included it with the download now as a beta replacement.

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Thanks yeah I'm not sure everytime I try to grab the actual file from deviantarts servers it tells me the file is missing...

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Understood ...

Everything works! Thanks!!!

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I love it ! Thx ! 👏🏻

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