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BIB3 for Windows


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:bulletblue: UPDATE AUG 31 | Update to dark sweet full progress bar. ;) 

:bulletgreen: UPDATE JULY 29 | Another update, this one is a big one.  Now added support for Dark Mode only.  This was originally only a pure (forced) dark theme and could cause conflicts with some third party apps such as excel...etc.  So for those who enjoy darkmode (BIB3DM) it's now fully available.  Not to worry the original pure dark themes are still included as well for the pure dark enthusiasts.
As well as with or without addressbar  (NA).

*Re-releasing this as a Windows hybrid Win10/11 theme.  Some things have been updated and cleaned up but some bugs may pop up depending your Windows build.

Thanks as always to those who continue to show their support by way of commenting and faving.  :+fav:
As well as those who have donated to my ko-fi page, I am genuinely blown away!  

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It was designed on Windows 11 thus the features such as rounded caption Windows are exclusive to it unless you use the Stardock Curtains themes.
There's many ways to set this up but the following guide should get you started.
FAQ/HELP/GUIDE I have a frequently asked question!
  • 5 pure dark themes, BIB3 Win, Mac, Lin, Sweet & LOVE (Bonus)
  • 5 dark mode themes; WIN. MAC, LIN Sweet & Love.
  • with or without address bar (NA)
  • Stardock Curtains themes to match.
Windows 11 Icon Themes

Interested in lighter themes.  Get them here.
LIT3 for Windows by niivu

This theme is free of charge however I ask you consider adding it to your faves if you use it, so as I can maintain some sense of motivation to continue releasing.  :thanks:

© 2021 niivu
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where can i find those wallpapers in the background

Can you upload win 11 home edition themes it doesn't work for me if I upload theme settings are not opening what the reason

does it darken task manager and other apps that aren't in dark mode?

Yes but use BIB3 if you are on Windows 11

Which one is the full dark theme?

Hi. I love this theme but there is a reason I can't use it.

I primarily work with REAPER (music DAW), that is a software theme-dependent (so I can't change this parameter).

All checkbox are formatted in a wrong way and it's very difficult to see them, as you can se on my screenshot.

There is a solution for this?

Many thanks, and thank you for your fantastic word, no matter if I'll not be able to use it.



this theme is so cool i love it

I need chrome theme for this windows 10 theme

idem...i patched, the theme applied but the corners are not rounded

want rounded corners? windows 11

i patched, the theme applied but the corners are not rounded


Stardock Curtains needed for Rounded Corners on Win10.

rounded corners are only for windows 11

Nope. Can have the same through them.

You can download Windows 10 Rounded.rar google it

This is not true. Rounded corners work fine for me on Win 10.

rounded buttons work on windows 10, rounded window corners don't

No, you are wrong. I am on Windows 10 and i have rounded just by using a theme. I dont use any other software or rar file that somebody mentioned above.

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are you using windows 11 dude?

but i don't ever try this theme for windows 10. i'm using windows 11 :D

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Hey Niivu, Is there a possibility to remove address bar dividers and top pane horizontal dividers? I like running the address bar but the lighter Horizontal dividers are distracting and impact the clean feel, even without address bar the dividers are a little too harsh, I think they're the win11 vanilla UI ? Please don't think in any way I'm scrutinizing the theme, I friggin love it and will continue to run it anyways. Thanks for your time Niivu :D


Thank you very much niivu for sharing your Work, famous theme creator, i am waiting for the next update, maybe BIB4 with BlueGreen HilightColor or other Color...

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