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Abandoned Suite For Windows 10

By niivu
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A big thanks to LukasKokoska for this one.  I've included a readme file to get you started.  Peace
Includes a floating taskbar or normal.  As well as a NA (No Addressbar version) or a version with the navigation buttons.
Please be sure to follow the Guides and read the included information if your stuck.  

updated to include a version with full address bar. :P 

🆘 Requirements

  • Windows 10 Builds 1903-20H2
  • Patched System -  UltraUXThemePatcher (CHECK FAQ ON SITE FOR ANY ISSUES)
  • OldNewExplorer (disable ribbon and other tweaks)
  • StartIsBack (for startmenu & taskbar)
  • StarDock Curtains (optional for transparency)

🎑 Setup

ICONS IN PREVIEW ARE Fluent Keys Icon Theme

Thanks for trying it.  Please consider giving it a fave if you'd like to see more like this.  :) 

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© 2021 niivu
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hola grandioso tema, sabes como puedo importar la apariencia a nexus dock?

BMHater12's avatar

Is the caption bar the titlebar?

viperML's avatar

Thank you very much for theme, I had never used stardock curtains and the transparency effects are so cool :clap: :clap:

Do you know if there is a fix for this? I have two monitors with different resolutions (1440p and 1080p) and the smaller one shows the taskbar incorrectly....

2021 03 19 1250 zWhxRszF

nivvuu i have an issue where certain parts of my explorer stay white at all times with theme applied i did all settings said in thee download. i use startisback, have newest uxthemepatcher, and have nothing else im aware of that conflicts. if any1 could help id apprec8 it i LOVE this theme

In the OldNewExplorer select status bar color to grey its default set to white that why you having issue.

gamerrobloxtaeja's avatar

this looks good and cool

gamerrobloxtaeja's avatar

What is the font for the clock?

also, how did you get the weather thing?

Loreal-0's avatar

Guess im late to the party but thanks niivu In Love

read the readme file, use oldnewexplorer with the settings that niivu shows

Is task manager supposed to be white with "abandon with addressbar" also are some contextmenus supposed to be white?

Rainmeter 0OYfm3cIzF
Taskmgr d6IoEomrGy
niivu's avatar

Yep, follows the same principles as Windows Dark Mode. :thumbsup:

Would it be possible for a standalone taskbar version or no?

erika92bw's avatar

how did you change the address bar and the clock?

yanlex's avatar

T-Clock. Also read the "readme" file.

erika92bw's avatar
Thank you 🙏🏻
yanlex's avatar

How to fix (rocketdock) this niivu? My icon has no space

Screenshot 16
niivu's avatar

I don't use RocketDock. The skin itself can't control icon spacing if that's what you're referring to?

yanlex's avatar

btw, im waiting for the dirt theme :) i think ur delete it. with battery rainmeter skin :D

yanlex's avatar

okay. thanks niivu. gonna use nexus

burnsplayguitar's avatar

Love the theme. But i need to admit that wallpaper is ALL GOOD

burnsplayguitar's avatar

But cried when the pattern one didn't come

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