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ARC X Windows 10 Theme
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Published: November 14, 2018
ARC is back, better than ever!  Redesigned from top to bottom.  Minimal, modern, sleek and clean!

 Compatible with = (1703,1709,1803, 1809 & *1903) =
I have a frequently asked question! Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes

hiDPI support for those on larger screens (except for ARC-Void)
Light or Dark Menu modes
Icons for easy icon installation.  ARC Icons

2019-05-21 UPDATE Support for Windows 10 1903 light taskbar mode.
2019-04-17 UPDATE Support for Windows 10 1903.
2018-11-25 UPDATE 4 - Fix for Treeview in dark versions. ;)
2018-11-21 UPDATE 3 - Now Includes Style for Dark Explorer Mode (*1809 or 1903 Required)
2018-11-20 Updates to the StartButton and Tray icons as per requests. :P
2018-11-14 Fixed some colors in the details pane.

For themes Windows 10 loads default colors from
after every lock/sleep/hibernate/crash. 

Make a backup of that key in regedit, take ownership of it, and then delete that whole key (defualtcolors). 

P.S.  The font in the preview is Muli with MacType installed.

Matching Chrome Themes by bkp86 
ARCX Light Chrome Theme
ARCX Dark Chrome Theme

ARCX Dark - Firefox Theme by SpookieWookie

CREDITS TO horst3180 for the inspiration!
Looking forward to your comments and faves! Huggle!
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I really enjoy and love the design!

However, I have issued a tiny problem that makes it nearly impossible to work with Microsoft Excel - the background goes to dark blue. Only after Sleep-Mode Excel loads the correct white background color. ^^;

Temp Screen
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achazielHobbyist Digital Artist

Hey there, absolutely LOVE the theme .... aside from a few *tiny* nitpicks that keep it from being perfect. I don't know what causes this, but some buttons look like this:


... the dropdown for the filepath looks like this (very inconsistent with the sidebar to the left):


... and the sidebar in general gets super weird when you're in a "save" or "open" dialogue, like this (scrollbar not matching the color, white overlay on long folder names with illegible text):


Did I make a mistake installing this or is this something you have no control over? Because oddly enough, most of those issues are gone in dark mode.

(I'm running win10 1903 and followed the "how tos" to the letter several times over, including taking ownership of the system files and deleting the hkey in regedit, so I'm at a loss here)

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AlexosueNew Deviant

Hello, I am having issues with the themes, for some reason I never get the buttons (close, minimize, resize) to change to the ones on the theme. This time it changed the cursor and but it really did not touch most of the Windows UI... help please?

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Hey! Awesome work, just having a little issue with the colour of the text in the address bar. Any ideas? This is on 1903
Untitled by Anthren  
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ScribbleNerdYTNew Deviant

I am not getting the right explorer look.... Windows 10 1903

Screenshot 1
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
You need to use oldnewexplorer.
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Matt21xStudent General Artist

It's good to see you still updating this theme

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Thanks So Much! Amazing Theme

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ArieKurnNew Deviant

Top Amazing....Salam Luar Biasa Tanpa Batas.

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Everything looks awesome such as exploror and windows apps but my start bar is still not styled, how do I fix this?

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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
Use StartIsBack
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This is the best dark theme I've tested so far on Windows 10 1903! The only "problem" I've noticed is that the address and search bar have a rounded outline on the flat version.
Based on the overall design I would suggest you to remove that outline and draw one on the top of the inside part of the window. 
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Hi. Please answer... How to disable light taskbar mode in Windows 10 1903?

EDIT: nvm got it!

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daddy2timesNew Deviant
please help with how to use this theme
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ah, this theme is such an eye candy. Thanks!
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is it ok that the background is white and the text is almost unreadable? Did everything in accordance with the guide
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Evil3monNew Deviant

Love this theme :)

One issue need to solve. After use arc dark mode and define print area in excel, the grey non-print area turns to deep blue while the font color is still black. This make it difficult to distinguish the contents in non-print area. Is there any way to set the non-print area background color?

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If you have pach the files through the icon pack do you still have to use the theme pacher?
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niivuHobbyist Interface Designer
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Only my background and the basic theme color changes. There's no change in the close, minimize, maximize buttons, etc. What could be the problem?
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nice work, Thanks for sharing!
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deJeerProfessional Digital Artist
it was working fine on 1809 but can't show explorer thumbnail from chrome after 1903 update.
everytime chrome open explorer popup to choose file, it will show blank thumbnail.
working fine for normal explorer and firefox.
it's only me or any help to solve this?
thank you~
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