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Commissions Are Now Open! <3


  • No Gore or E.D.O's (Extreme Detailed Orders) for now. I still suck at drawing ponies so I'll have to stick to easy orders for now.

  • Prices are listed as USD / Reclaimed Metal (Refined Metal ) / Points (Points ) to show to 3 payment methods you may choose from. You can use To add up costs if you wish to pay in Refined metal. Point prices might be lower due to rounding up the number to a feasible price...

  • Ponies Only (For the time being, still learning...)

Prices(Default Sets):

Full Colored Art (w/ Colorblended Outlines):
$2 / 33.33 Refined Metal  / 100 Points 

Full Colored Art (Without Colorblended Outlines):
$1.50 / 25 Refined Metal  / 75 Points 

Shadow Flare (Request) by Niith

Pencil Sketch:
$1.00 / 16.66 Refined Metal  / 50 Points 


NFSW Art(All extras are $0.50 [10 Refined Metal  / 25 Points ] Each):
Kinks (Ask me if I will be able to include it)
Add another character:
Add $0.50 / 10 Refined Metal  / 25 Points 

Add $0.30 / 5 Refined Metal  / 20 Points 


Q: How much will the artwork usually take?
A: Usually about a week or less, depending on current situations in real life.

Q: Why are the prices like that?
A: Im starting low since to cope and not rip people off, its a way of saying the prices are low but don't expect me to outcome to be amazing or anything...

Leave a comment below or send me a note if you wish to order a commission <3