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We had just sat down for a bite at this beachside/streetside grill when this child and her mom came strolling by, both of them munching on some snacks. My camera sat on the table in front of me. I instantly clicked it on, didn't even take it from the table for the sake of time and remaining unnoticed. I swivled it to face them. The height of the table was perfect, the distance was ideal.

I don't mean to criticize this mother in particular, I don't know her circumstances, I don't know her life. But this photo makes me wonder how she intends to help guide her child once she is too old to be leashed, too old to be controlled. Unfortunately a leash is not the same a discipline... I think it is summed up well by a statement I heard recently: We in America are seeing a major problem with four year old terrorists because parents won't discipline their kids.
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You'll be surprise how much I've seen the oposet. Where a mother yelled at her children for laughing too loud for her taste at the amusement park in the Mall of America. I've seen both scales. Leashing, yelling and hitting.
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Oh -- And it's a beautiful shot. ;)
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This photo makes me think that until the little girl gets far away from mom for the leash to tug her arm considerably, mom forgets she's there. In fact, I bet mom has the leash on that particular arm so her daughter doesn't disrupt her snack.

The animal-themed leash itself is thought provoking. It helps the girl become even more animal-like, as if being on a leash in the first place wasn't enough to do it.

They are so similar (like mother like daughter?), but there's just so much space between them, even though the rope is slack...
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Very interesting analysis there, thank you so much for sharing! Another unique perspective I think :handshake:

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A unique perspective on a unique photo. Expertly done, my friend! :hug:
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Thank you! :)
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really interesting thought-provoking shot :)
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Glad you liked it, thanks!
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haha this is hilarious... spectacular, i have always wanted to see one of these child leashes in action but nobody really uses them, and the expression on her face is classic

the "once she is too old to be leashed" comment is funny too... i particularly dont find any age suitable for leashing, but she has to do whatever gets her through the day i guess, so long as she isnt hurting the child
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Yeah they are not that common I guess.. I know, I know! the timing couldn't have been better. It was one of those shots. The ones you look forward to. ;)

Someone made a valid point about it being unrealistic to expect parents to constantly watch their kids. I agreed but then the issue is, does the child have the capacity to understand right and wrong? I would think that is around the time to 'remove the leashes' so to speak (or childproofed cupboards and that sort of thing.)

Thank you for your comment on this, I'm happy you enjoyed it. :)
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Wow... the way the child is looking back and her mother seems to be walking along regardless as if to say "Come on, now, don't dawdle, don't look at the world around you", really adds to the concept. I don't know, that's just the impression I get.
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I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts, it is just the kind of comment I love to get. Thank you very much! :thanks:
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Wow! Yeah, this does capture a lot. The whole "leash" thing is a difficult thing to call... My mother-in-law's first son was an absolute terror and would just RUN from her any time he liked so she had him on a leash, but then it became a game to him, throwing himself on the ground and at objects, knowing that mom would always yank the leash back so as to stop him from smashing into things and hurting himself (personally I think that letting him fall a couple of times would have taught him a FAST lesson there). And then her second son (now my husband) was an absolute angel as a child. She honestly believes that there were aspects to her first son's personality that she had absolutely no control over... But I'm inclined to agree with you; regardless of the child's personality, there has got to be a better way of disciplining your kids than putting them on a leash, and this photo really backs up the idea that putting them on a leash might lead to the mother interracting even less with their kid (as another commenter said).

Bravo! A photo well taken; and although it's well described, I think it does really speak for itself.
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I appreciate you sharing your experience, bravo to you for your comment! It is the best type of comment, one that tells the photographer that the photo provoked some thought and possibly connected with someone. Thank you for taking the time!

As for that situation with your mother-in-law, it is difficult to talk about things like this. Mostly I think because from the outside looking in, I can think of all these other (better) ways to handle things. Yet it's hard to say it knowing that unless I've been through it, I don't really know. I guess that's why I put disclaimers after what I say! =P Gosh what a struggle that must've been for her... :faint:
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i disagree. i think this is a mother who values her child and knows that she is human (the mother) and that today, you can look away for a moment and your child is gone. i totally get why this is uncomfortable (to leash a human), but i think if you notice its a pink fuzzy animal backpack leash that the little girl probably picked out herself, and seems fine with - its a loving thing and not the opposite. it also doesn't show laziness or a lack of discipline. you can be focused on your child and doing the "work" you should - and it helps to be smart too. its like someone saying "if you're a good mother you don't ahve to put childproof locks on the cabinets that hold poisen b/c you'll always be watching your child". nice idea - but putting the locks on the poisen cabinet to me, just makes you smart and loving. i see this particular leash on a child image the same way.
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Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this! I respect your opinion and I even agree with some of what you said. I did not consider that the girl had probably picked out the style leash herself, even though that detail was one of the key things that stood out to me and motivated me to take the photo.

Your comparison to the poison in the cabinet is a good one and I think we agree on this, too. I think that a toddler who does not yet have the capacity to undestand right and wrong, definitely needs to be protected from these kind of things. I would not expect parents to have a constant eye on their child, it is simply not possible. But are the two situations comparable? The 'capacity to understand right and wrong' is the defining matter. I was thinking along the lines of a child that is past the 'age of innocence' but perhaps was not disciplined, or the parents didn't take the time to raise them up with sensible judgement.

Of course, this is coming from someone with no children, so this is mostly logical, unemotional rationale. I realize I'm not acknowledging the incredible challenge of raising a child.
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i think you're right that this child in particular (the photo) might be old enough to have the considerations you bring up :nod:
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Again, thank you for your comment. It is the absolute most pleasing kind of comment to get. :)
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I'm afraid to have kid myself cause i dont think I'll do a good job. I think some kinds out there need more than a leash. Probably a muzzle too :paranoid:
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I would think every parent or future parent would face that fear. I mean, what a responsibility! To raise up a child.. and a responsibility which we are held accountable to till the day we die because the results of our efforts to raise the child are out there for all to see! Quite intimidating. A muzzle hahaa, howabout that electrical collar in Fun with Dick and Jane? :giggle:
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Yea If my kid turns out to be anything like me its gonna be a handful :nod: Actually I think those elctric collars are kinda cruel t use on pets...
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lol yeah, same here man. At least, for the first 15 years or so.

Oh heck I didn't know those collars are for real..
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