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Suicune shimeji +DOWNLOAD+

By Niicchan
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yay it's done :dummy: Suicune shimeji from Pokemon.

Edit: Here is a ZIP file :D [link]

If it doesn't work, you may have to change names of two files in a 'conf' folder. Change the bigger xml file's name to 動作 and other xml file's name to 行動 then it should work. If it doesn't your java may doesn't have latest update.
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sadly, it wont let it work for me, it says something about "java" or something, even if i have the latest java update... help!!!
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Ummmmmm I see your screen
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how do you make these
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ok it finally worked for those who it wont work for, u should download this is seriously works thank god XD  [link] u do have to change the folder names as stated in the description tho, but it worked.
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I downloaded java, still wont work...
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wont work, and I tried the name change as well. bring me to another languages page where it tell me download java but I can't do tht if its all another language 3X
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It's not working for me T^T
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I just like this ha ha
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my eusine needed a thing. =w=
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my apologies Niicchan! but I was wondering if you could help me out with one of your Shimeji's?

you see I have tried to use your Suicune Shimeji and for some reason it just isn't working? i've tried renaming the XML files to the names you mentioned in the description and I have even checked for latest updates on my java but I can't seem to get it to work?

if you have any information that you could comment back to me about how to fix this problem that that would be terrific!

thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon! =)
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Try to start it from shimeji.jar instead of shimeji.exe, shimeji.jar is that java file in the folder. It doesn't work normally for me either, because I've got new laptop, so I have to start it that way. Please tell me if it works or not. :)
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YIPIEEEEEEEEE!!!! it worked! and they all looks so cute and amazing! :D

thank you very much for the help Niicchan! and well done with the Shimeji! :squee:
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This is the most epic shimeji I've ever seen. It looks just as majestic as suicune, and the animations/spriting lines up perfectly!
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I hope this works :3 I need my favorite Pokemon on my screen >:3
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Yes...........just yea......
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*another note*

I have downloaded and deleted all but Snivy (for now) and currently it is standing still and i can't grab it or anything, but my Pikachu is very curious about it, who is currently sitting and staring at it... o-o
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I love all of your shimeji's, I really do, but none of them work w/out changing the files names, and then everything else becomes japanese and I cannot control their behavior. All I can do is drag them around for a bit and if i leave them alone for too long, they'll freeze, making the only possible thing that i can do is get rid of them. Please help if possible. Thanks :)

I have a pikachu shimeji (got it from some other person on dA) and it works perfectly fine, so the problem most likely isn't my netbook (which is a Windows Latitude 2120)
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I know how to fix that, I have that same problem with some shimejis.
Here's what you do:
1. Copy the img folder from the shimeji that won't work
2. Get a working shimeji, and copy the entire thing. (img, Conf, lib and shimeji.jar)
3. Take the copy and remove the img folder and replace it with the shimeji that won't work
It should work after that.

If it doesn't, try extracting Shimeji.exe to the desktop, move it to a new folder and copy the img/conf/lib/shimeji.jar to that folder.

If you have further problems, then I don't know.
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I really don't know how to fix that.:( It may be because of the version I'm using. I use the japanese version of the shimeji because the english version doesn't work very well in 64bit Windows.
They freeze sometimes in my computer too, but it doesn't bother me because it happens very rarely.
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Hmm, it seems that they are freezing less frequently now. I don't know if it was just me or if they just needed to "warm up" to my computer. Well, since snivy is working now, I'm going to re-download the rest of your's :)
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I really love this shime Suicune is so awesome, you have a beautiful style. Do you have any plans to make Entei or Raikou? It would be really cool to be able to form the legendary trifecta.
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these are so cute!
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suicune....suicune everywhere
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