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Raichu Shimeji

By Niicchan
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It's finally done :D my first shimeji!

Click download to download a zip file.

I hope you like it.^__^
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All I get is an .exe file?
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I downloaded and extracted the files but when I press the app and tell it to run nothing happens :(
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Its beautifully made, well done.
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omg my fav pokemon :D
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Click DA's download button on the right side of the page. :D
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I cant download it !!!
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I have the latest version of java installed and it still won't work for me ;O;
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how do you make em cling to the browser?
i keep flinging em there but they wont cling D:
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how do you make it work?
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You have to extract the .zip or .rar file and then open the extracted folder and double click shimeji software icon. :)
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thats a great idea, the only problem is its not there :(
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Oh thank god it's a ZIP - everyone insists on using RAR
He's so cute! <3
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ZOMG I luv this soo much! My fave pokemon in the world is Raichu, and this is adooorablee XD took a screenshot and the little buggers took my screen XD
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Thanks :D Raichu is my favourite too :meow:
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so um... after you download it, how do you make it work?
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hey when you download it press extract all then go to your control panel go to documents then press the thing you want try it out it works for me! ;D
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the download button isnt doing anything? :(
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