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Flygon Shimeji

By Niicchan
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This is my best shimeji so far. I altered animations and pic sizes a lot so he has better animations than my other shimejis. I really like how this turned out. :dummy:

RAR file here: [link]

ZIP file here: [link]

I'd really like to know what do you think. :meow:

If it doesn't work, you may have to change names of two files in a 'conf' folder. Change the bigger xml file's name to 動作 and other xml file's name to 行動 then it should work.
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i use this one all the time i actually got inspired to draw a flygon! i would be honerd if u checked it out!

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How do I download it? I have no idea I'm a noob
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ok it finally worked for those who it wont work for, u should download this is seriously works thank god XD  [link] u do have to change the folder names as stated in the description tho, but it worked.
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Oh yayyyyy it's deleteeeeed owo;
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It's so cute! But it doesn't work... I downloaded it and when I click on the java executable jar file, nothing happens. When I click on the Shimeji application file, a warning comes up in Japanese about Java 6 or something? My java is up to date, and I even downloaded it again off the Japanese site, nothing happened.
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What windows you have? Does the shimeji icon appear to the right side of the taskbar? I also get the japanese java 6 error if I try to launch it from shimeji.exe, but I can launch it from shimeji.jar.
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I'm having the same problem! When I launch from the .jar is says "A Java exception has occured"
The Error from the .exe redirects me to the japanese Java update site.
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no, no icon appears. There's two files named "Shimeji", one has a little black and white icon. That's the one I get the error from. The other one has a little Java icon, and when I use that one it seems to load, then nothing happens. Thanks for responding! :3

They all used to work, but then I had to wipe my computer and now some do, and some don't.
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I did what you said. And it won't work at all. :< No matter what I do. Help?
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I've added this shimeji to my new shimejis group *^* we are still growing and I hope you join and you share with everyone all your fantastic shimeji pieces!! *A*

Here it is~ :iconshimejidesktoppets:

Keep up the great work! *A*
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Thank You! >w<
Wow.. .. So cute!! <3
Flygon is my favourite Pokemon. <3
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soooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ; A; very nicely done! :iconchuuplz:
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Ohhhhh another one! : DDDDD
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