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I'm now at mournfulleandespair if you want to still watch me. I think I don't want to leave overall but I do welcome a fresh start, especially as my style and subject matter has changed quite drastically from when I made my first account. Thank you to all of my watchers for sticking with me for all this time, I will leave this account up as I like to look at my old work but please note that it won't be active anymore. I welcome any of you that wish to follow me on my new account, I very much appreciate it <3 I think that I will be a lot more active due to my study of art and that I will be a lot more interactive with you guys!! 
It's been a good run,
I'm curious to know more about my watchers, tell me stuff about you!! Hobbies, interests, likes/dislikes, ambitions: whatever u want :^)
I would esp love to meet fellow music lovers 
I feel a bit like a robot or unapproachable or something because I never speak much so lets change that !
Sorry to those who asked for requests, I'm struggling with money rn and need to put commissions first. Thanks for understanding <3

I'm putting my commission prices on a journal rather than on a sheet whilst I'm lazy.

Sketches are £10, example here:
Enchantress by nihtgield
Lines are £14
Wolf Portrait (Brush Test) by nihtgield
Flat colours are £18
Have a nice life v2 by nihtgield
Black and white are £22, example here:
Spooky scary ghost by nihtgield
Cell shadings are £20, example here:
Machete -Gift- by nihtgield
Complex shadings are £30, example here:
The Cave by nihtgield

Adding an extra character is £5
Adding a background is £10

I know I'm not the greatest at art or super popular but I think I deserved to be paid more for my passion.
To order either comment below or note me. 
I use paypal and need to be paid in GBP only, thanks.
Please don't try and haggle the prices, this is my only job rn and the money is important to me.
Regarding nsfw, I only do slight gore and tasteful nudity. I won't do anything sexual or extremely gory, sorry.
I don't mind being paid first or afterwards, it's up to you. First is always preferred for me, however, and I will give you your money back if you are not satisfied.
Due to past experiences I'm only going to take on 2 commissions at a time, but because I have finished school for the time being, I should be able to finish them quickly. 
Please contact me if there are any problems.
I also want to apologise to any commissioners in the past for problems in my timing or unable to complete a commission, I've had a lot going on because of school and I can assure you that it won't happen again: I'm in a much better place mentally.

But anyway here are the slots:
Taking 2 requests whilst I'm completely out of ideas on what to draw.
I will ask that you let me take time as I have exams atm and won't have so much time to draw in a day.
It's not first come first serve, I'll accept your request if I'm comfortable and want to draw it.
I can draw animals and people and might be open to creatures.
I'm also ok with blood/some gore but I don't do sexual stuff soz.
Examples of my work
Northern Lights (YCH) by nihtgield Machete -Gift- by nihtgield Have a nice life v2 by nihtgield Pagan by nihtgield
I'm kinda back now. I decided I couldn't stop drawing for so long and so I'll be posting every now and again if I make a new piece. It won't be very often but hopefully you will all enjoy what I'm posting c:

Thanks for bearing with me!
Hi, just thought I'd post an update since it's been a while.
I have my exams going on in a month and I'm a bit stressed and haven't been able to draw much so I'm sorry there's not much there. Hopefully after my exams are over, I should be able to start posting more art again and such. Thank for bearing with me!
Gonna be charging half price for a limited time on my commissions just because money is tight atm.
I'm accepting the maximum of 5 slots, thank you!
Please refer here to my normal prices and examples:
Commission Pricelist! by nihtgield
I've finally picked a couple. Thanks to everyone for replying. Sorry I didn't get you in my slot this time but my commissions are always open, I have a YCH open, my trades are also open (with discretion) and I'll probably open requests again eventually <3 Thank you.
Doing cheeky requests again because I'm not getting any commissions and I need to draw :') Only two slots because I am pretty busy but yeah.
All info such as styles and what I'll draw is here:
Commission Pricelist! by nihtgield
I can also draw some mythical/made up stuff but it depends

1. Noxus for CorruptAshes

2. Ugbu for iYogo

Not first come first serve!!
1. Comment on this journal and I'll feature you and 3 artworks from your gallery I like the most.
2. You must make a journal like this one and put me on the first slotfeaturing at least 3 artworks that you like the most from my gallery.

1. Demjons
<da:thumb id="704260644"/> <da:thumb id="704117184"/> <da:thumb id="697365010"/>
They have a really nice style, using cool lighting and it's nice that they have different styles in their gallery :')
2. silent-hill
[COM]rustyxbuckets by silent-hiII  Afterhours by silent-hiII  [G]What a wonderful morning by silent-hiII
He has rly nice art like ?? the shading is so pretty and I like his backgrounds like pls teach me dude. And he has really cool characters like hot damn he's just a really friendly person and cool to talk to tbh.
I've hopped on the discord bandwagon since I know a lot of people are using it rn.
Add NightGield#6042 to come chat to me and let me know in the comments who ya are tho so I'm not confused.
Really don't have any motivation rn so I'm doing an odd couple of requests just to get me back into the swing of things. It's not really a first come first serve thing, I'll just choose what I want to draw more.
1. Kuraha for Ikuzim Done
2. Koskit for Acaciathorn
Will probably be something like this
Machete -Gift- by nihtgield
Comment down below if you're interested and a link to a character, thanks :')
I have a pricelist here now
Commission Pricelist! by nihtgield
Go check it out
thx Arolitic 

1. You have to post ALL the rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you, and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer
4. Choose 13 people 
5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 
7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED
8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the Journal Entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks.
10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description.

Right, here we go. 13 things about me ahahaha.

1. I play the electric guitar.
2. I listen to metal constantly.
3. I can somewhat do growling lmao.
4. I want to do criminal law when I'm older.
5. I do skateboarding.
6. I like watching bad movies as a hobby ahaha.
7. Pizza is my favourite food of all time.
8. I can't go a single day without listening to music.
9. I like playing video games (Mostly rpgs)
10. My closest friend is Arolitic 
11. I want to go to Scandinavia really badly xD
12. I'm learning Swedish atm.
13. I'm br00tal af.

The Questions

1. Family relationships, do you get on with your family? What about your extended family (cousins, aunts etc.)?
I have a good relationship with my mum. My dad and brother not so much, but I still love them. My extended family I'm pretty good with. Though, some of them irk me but I'd rather not get into that :')

2. Do you like dramas and soap operas?
I like dramas. Not soaps tho ;0

3. Are there any 'ugly' animals or animals that people are afraid of/ don't usually like that you like? Things like rats, snakes, spiders etc.
I love snakes ;0 I think they're cute tbh haha.

4. Favourite dog breed? Favourite cat breed? (Cats do have breeds but they're less distinct)
Oh god. Abi, why do you do this to me?? Can I just pick them all?

5. Do you have favourite outfits or even just a favourite piece of clothing?
Probably my black skinny jeans, tank top, one of my plaid shirts, my denim vest with a slayer patch and my doc martens :')

6. Are you good with kids? 
No. You know this.

7. How do you deal with stress and worry?
Smoking, which is bad xD Or I just kinda cry tbh.

8. Any weird or good dreams you can't forget? What about nightmares?
I had a rly weird one with my friends and there was a scary kid and a rabid dog trying to kill us lmao xD

9. Guilty pleasures? 
I listen to music other than metal occasionally that I use to like :'))

10. What's your dream or life goal?
To be happy tbh.

11. Favourite colours and colour combos?
My fave colour is probably turquoise or burgundy. 

12. What or who inspires you?
I have no clue xD 

13. Ever been hospitalised? (Had to go and stay in hospital) 
Nopeee. Amazingly xD

I have no1 to tag so I'm not doing any questions lmao
Any of my watchers know any cool metal bands?? Pls hmu <3
The Internet on my laptop isn't working for a reason I don't even know. Like I've tried so many things and it just isn't doing it so I've given up for now :') This means I won't be uploading anything for a while. I may upload some traditional stuff, but yeah, I'm having fun times rn.
I'm kinda in the middle of exams rn so I probs won't upload much haha. I'm stressed enough as it is. Hope everyone is a'ight and ye.
I did fanart for one of my favourite bands, Gnarwolves and I really want them to see the post I tweeted to them so big it up, please??… It would mean the world to me if they could see it. Thank you <33