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Hail Satan

A shot of an altar at the church of satan
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can i use this for an album cover? 
ill credit u 
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Help -"OH, Jesus, I'm drowning".
Jesus thumbs up chat emote -"Nice to meet you, Drowning".
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Fuck Satan. He's the biggest jerk ever born, and he hates us all.
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I really like this piece, the skull and the black candles really compliment the altar.
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Yes, Hail to :paranoid:
:whisper: Me!
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Beautiful altar! Ave Satanas!!
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Dude, this is so freaking awsome! I wish I could visit there!
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What's the symbol
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I wanna go there :D
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Hail all Powerful Satan !
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Would love to go... but this just keeps telling me that Satan's followers are dark and scary...
While Satanism is not about Darkness or such...

Is this true!?
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Eh think of it as a embrace of what people think as Satanism, they think Satanists are dark and scary and most of us find it funny and say "Eh why not!"

It's just a look, Satanists and Satanism is kind of subjective by person.
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i just found out that the dark is when we sleep and have wonderful dreams.
and when we can have our private time.
and when we can actually see our phone screens.
and when we can hide ourselves from the monsters.

This is cool. :XD:
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Praise the darkness of Satan our master!
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Slayer's "Skeleton Christ" comes to mind whenever I hear the phrase "Hail Satan" :laughing::horns:
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I've wanted to see inside a church of Satan!
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Oh it's beautiful I always wanted to go there and see what it looks like thank you for this photograph. Do you know the locations of the various churches of Satan I REALLY need to go to one and meet more of us there it's lonely here in Hawaii lol
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