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Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Who doesn't?
Stamp - I Also Have Originals by Cezille07 All Kaz, but yes.
REQUEST: I still feel like I'm younger though. by World-Hero21 REQUEST: I look younger, but I'm not... by World-Hero21 Yep.
If All Disabilities Were Curable... by Mintaka-TK Disabilities Don't Disappear as Kids Grow Up! by Mintaka-TK Invisible Disabilities by Mintaka-TK For God's Sake, I Can Defend Myself! by Mintaka-TKMostly stuff I encounter in RPs, but the second one hits hard in RL. Oh, and not just autism applies to these stamps, but anxiety and depression can, too. So can invisible physical disabilities, ESPECIALLY the rarer ones!
Shitty Excuse by FlacidPenis Dislike Little Kids Stamp by SGStamps Immaturity by OurHandOfSorrow Stamp: The internet isn't for kids by PrincessSkyler Stamp: Your child your responsibility by Azrael-Legna Dear Parents: by World-Hero21 I love all monsters by Wookiesarebetter Voluntary Sterilization by alaska-is-a-husky Seems common sense goes out the window when children are involved. And yes, I do not have any nor do I want any. There's already an eternal child in my fucking house.
I Thought This Was Obvious But... by MadKingFroggy Skinny and Fat Shaming by OurHandOfSorrow This kind of stuff has happened in RPs. Stop it.
Words Don't Magically Cure Mental Illness by Mintaka-TK If You're Gonna Accuse Me of Anything... by Mintaka-TK We All Make Mistakes by Mintaka-TK Another Stamp by Twinkle-Dew This kind of stuff has happened in real life. Stop it.
Stamp: Bullying by Azrael-LegnaPeople need to stop victim blaming in roleplay, online, and in RL. I'm trying to get a psychiatric evaluation based off stuff mentioned in the description of this stamp and it's hell and a half.
REQUEST: Sensitive, but not easily offended. by World-Hero21 REQUEST: Trust issues by World-Hero21 are you? by Snuf-Stamps If You Don't Respect Me... by Finalrobo101 There are reasons for this, and I can explain over notes.
Motivation - Or not. by AssClownFish Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Stamp by Saigyou-Aia Introvert Stamp by popstck Hard to be clear-Stamp by Dinoclaws I Speak in Tropes by jocund-slumber Faves Stamp by WetWithRain Stop Spamming Me by genkistamps Some other stuff about me.
Female OC [STAMP] by lonewined I RP FLUFF by DarthSuki I RP ANGST by DarthSuki Stamp: Charaters Not Me by ArtByFlan Some roleplay notes on me.
Tough to Stand Out by a-kid-at-heart This. Sometimes I just want someone to say "You did a good job" but I can't damn well get that because I'm just another face in the crowd.
Brain Image by fear-the-brilliance Yeah, because I can't fucking draw, period.
Com - RAPED BY FAVES by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I had an old account have everything in a handful of folders be completely favorited-including stuff I was requesting comments on. I had to block because it was getting annoying.
Baggage Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun I'm not your therapist. If I vent about something, yes, you can commiserate, but keep it to one comment.
Hatefaving by SulfStamps Hatred towards dA members by ChikitaWolf Don't WASTE your time by Dinoforms

Mature Content

Art Critic Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun
Hate Art is Immature by alaska-is-a-husky I consider these a form of bullying.
hours of work by mSkull001 Where its at Stamp by Soulkreig FAVs are worthless stamp by API-Beast Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinBrain I've spent a lot of my time sitting in either silence or having hatred slung at me. I'd really appreciate people saying good things about what I do.
Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo Mature Comments PLZ Stamp by EmeraldTokyo However, please be tactful about it. Calling a hurt character "cute" for example (Seen this on my old account) is just plain messed up.
Frequently Asked Questions by DinoformsNot just DA FAQs but people's individual FAQs as well.

May put a few reminders elsewhere in my deviations if necessary.
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