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So I'm still getting that hang of uploading here on a regular basis, or uploading at all really.  That's alright, but this whole journal adds another element to it.
Anway I'm going to write some things about myself here, because this space has been outdated for quite some time.
I'm an illustrator working out of Vancouver, British Columbia.
You should hire me.
I started this gallery as a place to stash my older work as well as stuff that I might not place on my main website (  I suppose this is my fun site.
I also have a tumblr at where I upload more or my process and sketches.

I find the etiquette on this site very confusing, so while I try to thank people for stopping by as much as possible, I'm not really sure who to thank and when.  I just assume I'm going to make everyone mad.  
The whole thing is kind of a mess, but I suppose that's really to be expected.

Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a lovely afternoon.
Okay, I've resolved to be more sociable so I'm uploading the best of  2011, and will try to keep doing this throughout 2012.
Hello and good day

I thank you all for checking out my new page here and I hope it's brought some excitement to your day.
I'm a recent graduate of the character design stream at the Alberta College of Art and Design and I'd been avoiding
getting an account here as I thought it would encourage me to write a gallery page for my own site.  In the end my lazyness
won, so I'm going to be uploading a bunch of my work here over the next couple days.  so keep tuned and hopefully I'll have
some neato stuff for you in the next little while.