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FTL man. I was having some fun trying to elaborate on the pixel designs. Here's the Engi, the in game description mentions them possibly having organic bits so I thought I'd play that up. Computers.
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Best, i want to see Lanius
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i find this interpretation of the engi race to be more cannon than other's interpretation. It says in the game that it's hard to tell whether engis were mechanical or biological.
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I like your imagining of the engi.
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oooo, so it's sort of a cyborg, just mostly machine.
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Mostly. Mostlyish.  
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Love organic bits, bit creepy but very cool. Also are you going to make Crystalman and Lanius portraits?
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Nice man, looks cool
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I like your Engi. I think that the Engi's are inorganic life form, biuld of "Cell-bot" . "your" Engi is a organic , cybernetics hybrid or Cyborg.
BUT I think even Subset Games really don't know that the Engi's are!
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Thanks. The organic part of the description adds a lot of mystery to the characters, and the way they look should reflect that a bit. I don't know if they would actually contain any organic bits, but a mystery is a mystery.
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There's official art of the Engi. It comes from the Kickstarter page.…
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Cool, I hadn't seen that one before.  I'm glad to see that I'm not too far off from the canon, though I guess my dude needs to beef up a bit if he wants to run with the official engis :D.
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hey good work and if you looking on the green screen , you can see a skull!
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This is utterly gorgeous.
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Thanks, I'll be posting the other races over the next few days so keep an eye out.
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I will! You wanna take a quick perv at my horrible talentless gallery and give me some pointers?
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Sure thing, I've sent you a note.
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