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FTL Mantis

By nigillsans
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Woo, buuuuuuuuuuuuuugs!
The mantis are FTL's bug Klingons, which is a pretty fun concept to work with. The pixel art makes them seem very similar to the kind of mantis you'd find on earth, so I wanted too keep that familiar look while still presenting something that functions in a more alien way.
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"I wonder which eye I should be looking at."
These guys remind me of the Nulians from the other FTL.
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Great work on FTL fan art, really cool. Just missed the Lanius :)
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You easily rank up first in my favorite interpretention of the mantis from FTL in fan art
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Man, what a great portrayal of those ship-raiding jerks. I've always liked the idea of space bugs, especially since they're so freaky on earth. All the little alien touches like the pincers and the eyes are a great too.
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...And yet the game names them names like Martin or Nigel. Scary bug monsters named Nigel. That gets a chuckle from me.
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i always get a mantis named Mr Buga XD
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Hehe, really? I've never got that. I did make a story off-DA about a TypeB Kestral named the Fairweather, where a mantis female named Kaleska had married the human captain, named Mark Fairweather, and they had a mantis child, named Susan... They died in a fire. :(
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oh no Waaaah!, children and spacecraft are not the best combination, and fires are how most of my crew die, that and 

1. lack of oxygen

2. boarding parties 

3. random occurrences (giant space spiders, diseased miners etc)

and damage from missiles/bombs   
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Yeah. There were some other crewmembers, including some Lanius, but in the end, they got chewed up by the Flagship. As normally happens when I play, sadly...
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ermahgerd i know right, i just got to the rebel flagship and had such a good crew, then i died from that stupid triple chuck norris powered missile launcher Rage 
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Yeah, I hate that thing.
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Really cool drawing. I really like the mouth... or mandibles? The carapace is really well done - reflects why they are considered the "warriors" in the game, well done. 
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Thanks.  On the mandibles, I figured a species with giant knife hands would probably need some way to manipulate objects, so I kind of imagined some real elongated mouth parts that they could use to hold things in place while they used other horrible mouth bits to work out the finer details.
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Ah that does make sense, well, look forward to your eventual crystal men portrait :)
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If the Mantis are like Klingons, would that make the Slugs like the Hutts? (Slimy, greedy, manipulative, are often total jerks)
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You know, the Slugs always reminded me of another race but I could never quite decide what it was.  Now that you've mentioned the Hutts I feel kind of stupid for noticing the similarities sooner.  
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The Slugs are based on a combination of the Hutts and the Ferengi.
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I see someone remembered rule of acquisition number 74.
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Good series of portraits. Please make the crystals!!
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Yay FTL fanart! And it's awesome on it's own merit too! <3
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Haha, glad you like it :D.
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NOW I am so fucking excited of the Crystal *-*
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This looks awesome!
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