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Hound and Mirage by NightyIcons Hound and Mirage by NightyIcons
Stand back! Nightwind has created slash "art!" :D Flee in terror, those of you who don't like that stuff.

Sometime early last week, Nightwind thought to herself, "Hey, Self! It's :icontactilecontact:'s birthday on Sunday! Let's make her a present!" So, here it is...albeit it's a couple days late for Tact's actual birthday. But it's the thought that counts, right? :)

So, yeah, this owes its existence to this screen capture, which would have been so very lovely for the Hound/Mirage crowd if the characters were just sitting an eentsy bit closer together. :) So, I made it so, mostly for Tact, but also to see if I could actually manage to pull it off without it looking utterly stupid.

However, the screen cap, as most of them are, is pretty friggin' crappy. I did borrow bits of it, though. Like the general poses, which I pretty much copied wholesale because God knows I can't draw snuggly robots. And then there's Mirage's hands, which are outright traced (albeit subsequently resized quite a bit, and I did try to do something with his right one...and pretty much failed) because I can't draw hands. At all. Even when I'm directly copying what I'm looking at. And in the screen cap they are pretty much just black blobs...and so they are in my image, too. the grey masquerading as black really dark in an effort to make this not quite so obvious, because God knows I can't fix 'em. By the same token, don't look too closely at Mirage's midsection because it is just all disastrously wrong, but I couldn't figure out how to fix it. So, I just regurgitated what's in the screen cap. Yeah, baby. I suck. Sorry. I draw about as well as a Xerox machine, I'm afraid.

The background is also cloned from bits of the original screen capture and then altered here and there because I can't draw backgrounds, either. Go me!

BUT! I did draw and redraw a lot of this all by myself on Ye Olde Tablet. Like both of their heads, which are really FUBARed in the screen cap. Mirage's is kind of vertically squashed and the protrusions are...uh, REALLY protruding. And one side of the helmet-y part was way shorter than the other. And Hound's, it's funky. (WTF is that white thing poking up from his head???) Oh, and I had to completely make up Mirage's...uh...crotch area, which is just a big undifferentiated blob in the screen cap. (Of course, in the end, Mirage got darkened down in my image, so what I drew of That Area looks pretty blobby, too. *sigh* I guess poor Mirage is just destined to have a blobby crotch. ;) And, of course, I completely recolored both characters entirely from scratch because that's my thang.

Creating this pic made me remember anew how much I haaaaaaate working with white. BUT! I discovered something! If I yellow down and redden up the flat very light grey/white lurking underneath the 5,000 layers of shady/shiny just a wee bit, it somehow, magically looks a lot better. I was really only trying to yellow/redden Hound's green because it became too bluey/greyish-looking somewhere along the way instead of the lovely golden olive (Not sarcasm there; yellow-y olive green is one of my favorite colors) that he should, in my mind, be, and I discovered that the yellowing made the white look hella better, too. SERENDIPITY!

Also? Nightwind sucks at drawing attached weapons. Totally. I considered leaving them off of both of them, but then they just didn't look right. So...I did the best I could. Which is pretty darn sucky, but...oh well.

Oh! And then, just now as I went to post this, I realized that I left out Mirage's Autobot symbol. *headdesk* Guess he decided to go factionless for this "photo." Yeah, that's the ticket... ;)

ANYWAY, hope you like, Tact (and any other H/M folks out there)! I tried to finish this in time for Tact's actual b-day, but my plans just didn't come together. *sigh* Dark!Lambos and a Dinobot or five ate my brain instead. Yippee.
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ClockworkAardvark Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Great job!! <333
JJStar Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
Yay, I love the way that you got the shines, they look cool. Definition is overrated, imagination can make what it wants of things. Overall, this is sweet! =D
NightyIcons Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
Aw, thanks. :)

The shinies are my favorite part to do! Lots of playing around with Gaussian blurring and diffuse glow. The shading gives me all sorts of headaches, but I love doing the shinies. I leave 'em for last so that I have something to look forward to. :)
JJStar Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
Leaving them for last is my upper too in a long pic. :lol:
No problem! :)
Wrecker-lady Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finding this in my inbox sure through me for a loop. I never expected to see fanart of this pairing from you. :lol: Anyways, I like the colors and how you gave it texture. Their smiles are cute, and they look so relaxed around each other.
NightyIcons Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
I know, right? *laughs* It's only 'cuz I love Tact so much. ;)

And thanks. :) I like how their colors came out, too, even if they're not entirely authentic. Mirage's blue is probably darker than it should be...but I like it that way. And Hound's probably lighter than he should be, but I like him that way, too. So...yeah. :)
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