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Hound and Mirage by NightyIcons Hound and Mirage :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 62 6 WIP: Snarl by NightyIcons WIP: Snarl :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 9 2 Slag by NightyIcons Slag :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 24 7
Prompt: Sunlight
Required Character(s): Snarl, who apparently has a pretty severe case of SAD.
Rating: K/G
Warnings for: A musing Steg. Hey, it could be considered scary!
Genre: Pointless Introspective Nonsense That Ultimately Means Nothing
A "wee" note, because it actually applies to this when usually it matters not at all: In Nightwind Land, Autobot Headquarters is in Arizona, not Oregon. Why? Watch the G1 episode "Fire in the Sky." See that snow-covered cactus that Hound crashes into early in the episode? That's a saguaro. They're pretty distinctive. I'm sure the animators didn't know this, but in the entire world, saguaros are native only to the Sonoran Desert, which is mostly in Mexico but stretches up to into southwestern Arizona and a teensy bit into extreme southeastern California in the US. So, I put AHQ in Arizona, albeit in northern Arizona, closer to the Grand Canyon (and thus not in the Sonoran Desert *shifty eyes*), the closest ci
:iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 5 7
The View from the Front Porch by NightyIcons The View from the Front Porch :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 0 7 Ravage: Stalker by NightyIcons Ravage: Stalker :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 22 3 Skywarp: Prankster by NightyIcons Skywarp: Prankster :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 24 4 Sirens by NightyIcons Sirens :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 18 7 Gears: Grump by NightyIcons Gears: Grump :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 9 2 Sunstreaker: Vain by NightyIcons Sunstreaker: Vain :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 18 6 Starscream: Jealousy by NightyIcons Starscream: Jealousy :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 37 12 Destructive Starscream Avatar by NightyIcons Destructive Starscream Avatar :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 19 14 Handwriting Meme by NightyIcons Handwriting Meme :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 0 0
A/N: No, this is not the Sideswipe story, though that one is about halfway done, more or less. I'm afraid that the dreaded Sunfall barged her way into my head today, and she was being an obnoxious angstball. The only way to oust her...was to write her. So, enjoy the pain! :D
Nothing fancy. Just Wheeljack and Sunfall having a heart-to-heart in a closet. Because, you know, why not a closet? :) And a closet is sort of like a confessional. Hence, the title. :)
At first, Wheeljack wasn't quite certain that the flash of mostly yellow that flew past him wasn't a figment of his fertile imagination or a product of mental and physical fatigue. He was busily fabricating replacement components at Ratchet’s request, in the wake of a fairly intense battle with the Decepticons. Once the casualties were on their way back to the base, Ratchet had sent down a list he'd composed based on the preliminary reports he'd received from the field medics. Now, a few hou
:iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 2 9
Fleur du Soleil by NightyIcons Fleur du Soleil :iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 6 3
A splash of sunlight sparkled on one of his quarry's delicately pointed silver wingtips, momentarily distracting Thundercracker. His quarry took full advantage of this brief reprieve, dipping a wing deeply, precipitously altering his trajectory with an excessively sharp yet still graceful bank, and then, pulling in his wings, immediately rolling and slamming into a sharp downward evasive spiral that Thundercracker could not hope to match as quickly, his form being unfortunately more rigid and less maneuverable than his smaller quarry's organically inspired one. Nevertheless, he banked as sharply and as quickly as his bulkier fighter jet form allowed and then followed his quarry down, down into the pillow of fluffy cumulus clouds floating thousands of feet below.
The cloud layer swallowed Thundercracker whole, and his world shifted from bright, crystal-clear high atmosphere to wan, filtered light and pervasive grey mist in an instant. The sensation was momentarily disorienting, but he q
:iconnightyicons:NightyIcons 5 6

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United States
Current Residence: Bayfield, Colorado USA I say my lack of sanity is due to lack of oxygen, yes. *nods*
Favourite genre of music: Classical. *points at favorite band* Obviously. Then again, I also have mad fondness for ABBA, so...
Favourite photographer: Er...Ansel Adams? He's the only photographer I know. :)
Favourite style of art: I likes me some surrealism, yesh. Or medieval iconography. How's that for broad? :)
Operating System: Windows XtraPoopy, 'cuz I'm eeeeeeevil. Vista can bite my butt.
MP3 player of choice: None, thank you. They annoy me.
Shell of choice: A nautilus. *nods* :)
Wallpaper of choice: Right now, it's Folkeye's DeceptiClaus. *pets*
Skin of choice: Mine, thank you.
Favourite cartoon character: A rotating roster of Transformers. Currently it's Swoop, Starscream, Prowl, and Snarl
Personal Quote: "Blargh!" about sums it up. :) That and "Bite me!"
I give you a meme thing. It's HER fault!

Comment on (this part of) this journal entry and:

1. I'll say something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what color reminds me of you.
3. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
4. I'll tell you what animal reminds me of you.
5. I'll ask something about you that intrigues me.
6. I'll tell you the thing I like the most about you.
7. I'll cry and complain until you post this on your journal. (lol)

In other news...Well! We're on fire again! 45+ acres and only 5% contained as of last night. Yippee. This is about...oh...maybe 8 miles away from me. But at least the wind is blowing it away from me, so we're not drowning in smoke and it's not heading this way. That's always a plus. :)

And that's about it from me. Such excitement, I know...

ETA: Yes, Nightwind caved and paid for her account. The stupid ads kept freezing Firefox. :( I think it's a plot/conspiracy to get people to pony up for paid accounts... Now to collect stamps... ;)
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