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tramp - commission

this is a piece i was asked to do of the tramp from disneys lady & the tramp but in a more anthro style.

other pictures from this collection...



si & am


thomas o'malley


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How bout some Oliver and Company and maybe All Dogs Go To Heaven.
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yes I would definitely be interested in drawing those for you.
To find out how to order them just click on the image below & read the description...
Toon Commissions 2017 by nightwing1975
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TBH I think the hands are a touch too paw-like for this type of anthro, but still he came out looking really awesome! I may have to hit you up for a commission in the future. :D
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thanks, I am really pleased you like him.

Thats cool, I am always happy to take on new commissions :)
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Nice art! But what about Scamp, Angel and the other three puppies?
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thank you, sorry but the person who asked me to do this piece did not ask me to draw those characters.
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He's a tramp but they love him, breaks a new heart every day.
Good Job on capturing his character while taking him out of his original style.
Yes even I have got it pretty bad.
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thank you, im really pleased you like him :)
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thanks, im glad you like it :)
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Something about his pose makes me think of Duke from Disney's Mighty Ducks. :XD: (Maybe because they had the same voice actor. XP) Awesome pic though. :clap: Excellent work.
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thank you so much, im really pleased you like it :)
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love it love it awesome wowowowowowowowowowow
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you're welcome
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