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star trek group shot


this is a picture i did a few years ago of SOME of the characters from the various star trek shows.

i feel my skills have developed a bit since i did this picture, so this year i have decided to update all these characters & also do some new characters as there are a lot of other characters i would like to add to my new group shot which are not included in this one. once i have completed them all i shall then create a new updated star trek group shot.

meanwhile please feel free to check out my toon gallery as i will be adding my new updated characters to it on a regular basis. here is a direct link to the star trek section of my toon gallery [link]

thanks for looking.
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The classic is still "far out."

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The Jetfreak page is down; the drawing however is in my link.

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The space station is a Frontier Star base; Type G3 Modular( From

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To Nightwing 1975; i've written my first episode of my Star Trek story; it is in my journal; i am sending you my link, so you can read it and let me know what you think.

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To Nightwing1975: With your permission; i want to use this drawing as pat of my writing a brand new Star trek story which takes place 14 yrs. after the Dominion War.

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Very nicely done group shot. About that little girl in front of Phlox...Is that Naomi Wildman?

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Amazing piece once again and ur welcome :)
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That's a lot of likenesses to capture, and you did it incredibly well.  I love Ilya in the classic series uniform, as she screen tested in. Nice touch.
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thank you, I am so pleased you like it. 
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Can I please use youe pictures for an article I'm writing in my blog? With credit of cours
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Yes definitely, thats cool with me. I would prefer if you didn't use this 'group shot' piece though as it is one of my older pieces & is definitely not one of my best. I am currently working on a new group shot picture with a lot more characters so you can see the ones i have drawn so far in my star trek gallery. here is a link…

Thank you so much for your interest in my work, I really appreciate it. could you send me a link to your blog when you post it? I'd love to see it :)
This is a tremendous piece of art.  Love it.  Feel alittle sorry for Wesley Crusher though.  How can you include Spot and Porthos and even bar patrons but leave him out?  LOL...Is that a little editorial judgement there about how important the space brat was to the show or simply an oversight?    
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thank you so much, I'm really pleased you like my picture.

I have to admit this is quite an old piece which i did back in 2007 of a selection of star trek characters who stuck out for me personally. this is the main reason why Wesley was not included, i am not really a big fan of his character.

However you will be pleased to know i have been working on a massive star trek group shot project which is going to include a lot more characters. I started it a few years ago but it is still a work in process so you can imagine what size it is going to be when i finally complete it. & you will be happy to know Wesley will most definitely be included in this new piece.

If you would like to see what characters i have drawn for it so far you can check them out in my 'Star trek' folder in my gallery. here is a direct link to the folder…

There are still a lot more characters to be drawn for this project but i hope you like the ones i have done so far :)
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It's been long road... Gettin' from there to here...
Great work. Interesting that you left out the Abrams universe
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thanks, im glad you like it.
 this is actually one of my older pieces which i submitted back in 2007 so those Abrams movies had not been released then.

i am actually currently working on a new updated group shot which is going to include a lot more characters. it will include all the main characters from the various TV shows & classic movies plus some of my favourite lesser characters & also some characters from my own personal favourite episodes.

unfortunately i will not be including the Abrams versions in the new picture either. this is mainly because i am not really a big fan of those movies, but also because each character will only be represented once in the new group shot so i would prefer to represent the classic versions of Kirk etc in that one rather the new movie versions.

it also means that characters like Worf & O'brien who appeared in both TNG & DS9 will also be represented once. so i will have Worf in his TNG uniform as that was his main show but i will have O'brien in his DS9 uniform as he was part of the main cast in that show.

if you would like to see the characters i have drawn to date you can check them out in my Star Trek gallery at this link :)…
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Splendid Work. I Enjoyed naming most of the Characters.
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