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Si and Am - commission

this is a piece i was asked to do of Si & Am from disneys 'lady & the tramp' but in a more anthro style.

other pictures from this collection...



si & am


thomas o'malley


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Hope you ladies are hungry. I'm frying up a nice surf n turf in a creamy milk gravy.
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Ohhh, two nice sexy kitties!

Say, are you open for suggestions for characters? Just asking.

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how Can you draw anthro’s so well?

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The one thing I really disliked about these two was the fact that Disney perpetrated the myth that cats kill (or want to kill) human babies.
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I totally agree. I also feel that cats really get a bad reputation a lot of the time by the general public which is so unfair. 
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Such trouble makers! nicely done
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It's amazing how you turned them from being disturbing to sexy as hell! I feel like I wanna make out with them so badly right now!
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Really, really nice :)  
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thank you so much :)
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Heh, heh... a sexy duo of feline femme fatales! ;)
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I did a little research and apparently, in original storyboards, Si and am (Formerly known as Nip and Tuck) were told to be female. And all this time I thought they were male! Haha!
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yea you are definitely not alone, a lot of people thought they were meant to be male. did you know Peggy Lee did their voices in the movie? i thought that was so cool :)
ButchxButtercup1996's avatar
Yes, I knew :3 I love both films :P
nightwing1975's avatar
they are fantastic films :)
ButchxButtercup1996's avatar
I agree. Buster is just a chump
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now That's Original,..

couldn't you have made them sexy furries?.....
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this is what the person who commissioned me to do this piece asked for.
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i was only joking, i'm sorry
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