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3rd doctor

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my toon version of the third doctor

below i have listed all the links to my seprate doctor toons....












& here i have listed all the companions i have drawn to date....

susan foreman -

barbara wright -

ian chesterton -

steven raylor -

katarina -

sara kingdom -

dodo chaplet -

ben jackson -

jamie McCrimmon -

victoria waterfield -

zoe herriot -

liz shaw -

sergeant benton -

captain mike yates -

jo grant -

sarah jane smith -

harry sullivan -

romana 2 -

vislor turlough -

kamelion -

peri brown -

melanie bush -

Dr. grace holloway -

rose tyler -
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Best Doc ever.

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This Pictures are so good! (just looked at everyone) I Love the cape of this doctor so much *-*
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Thank you so much, that means a lot 😃
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The are thirteen very good reasons to like all of the Doctors!

Reason 3: "Brigadier, a straight line may be the shortest distance between any two given points, but it is by no far the most interesting."-The Third Doctor
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ItinerantDjuradhanHobbyist Traditional Artist
One of my three favorite Doctors.
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ChristinePresleyHobbyist Traditional Artist
3rd ! Nice !!!
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HoshikoSoyokazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Heh. The 3rd Doctor. Interstellar Man of Mystery!
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got to love him. plus he also played worzl gummidge so he cant do anything wrong in my book lol
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HoshikoSoyokazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Well that and Jon Pertwee was in the "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare" with Sir Ian Flemming and Sir Christopher Lee... That's right, they were killing Nazis in WWII...
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Third doctor heroic pose makes me think of Superman. He needs a bandanna.:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) Epic 2 
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Third doctor aka the time lord  with the Batman attitude, James Bond attitude, the boss, etc.
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thats the one :)
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Replacement two, the dandy and the Kung Full Doctor. The first time they truly established how this character was meant to be played, and the beginning of the original series best era, the middle chapter.
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My favorite Doctor. Bessie, Venusian Aikido, the Whomobile, capes, frills and of course his Doctor brought about the Silurians, Sontarans, the Master, and of course Sarah Jane Smith; my favorite companion.
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ya he is an amazing doctor :)
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Sirena-VoyagerHobbyist General Artist
My mum and I began watching the Jon Pertwee episodes after PBS started rebroadcasting them. We actually like this Doctor too. :)
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thats so cool. yea he is a fantastic doctor.

we are currently watching the 5th doctors episodes & i am really loving him too.
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Sirena-VoyagerHobbyist General Artist
My mum liked seeing Peter Davison on Law & Order UK before it stopped airing in the US. We'll definitely have to consider the Fifth Doctor as well!
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yea i think you will both really like him :)
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