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Rufus Doodle WIP by nightwindwolf95 Rufus Doodle WIP by nightwindwolf95
Just a little preview of somethin' I've been working on. I just really wanted
to get some humanoid anatomy practice, so I chose one of my favorite original
characters here on DA. Rufus here is just a bunch of awesome wrapped up 
and dipped in a pool of fabulous. 
I also just wanted to do more fanart of characters that belong to people here
on Deviantart. I love fanart of shows,movies, and games too but lesser known
characters need loads of love too. 
I'll be removing the ugly, obvious watermark once I'm done. I'm just sharing
a little work in progress right now. >3o ~*

Art © Me

Rufus © Digimitsu
Digimitsu Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMGOSH HE LOOKS SO GOOD ALREADY???? ADLKJFAF Holy shit thank you for drawing him omg ;;;;; He's usually the least chosen character that people would choose to draw and I'm so glad you're taking up the challenge. He's turning out gorgeously and I love the pose so much <333 All the details so far ahhh <3 I can't wait to see it when it's done!! Thank you so much ;o;
nightwindwolf95 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel honored that you'd take the time to stop by here! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
I'm so excited to see him done myself. Thank you so much for liking my drawing! I wasn't sure if I was doing him any justice or not, but I feel much more confident now. Neko cheer 

All of them gorgeous details! Neko drool 
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June 18, 2017
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