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A Dragon's greeting by NightWhisper6, visual art

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Because I'm strong, strong than anyone...

Greetings Viewers!
I'm NightWhisper6, also known as Sirce (I don't have money to change my name)

I study Arts, dooddle lots of digital but I can make traditional and has no shame in doing big projects.
I work in Blind Crow Games, a lil indie comp that is producin right now the game RIN.

I strongly recommend to check my Tumbrl, since I put a lil more efford there.
I also like rp... losts of feely rp help.


Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Any tech or instrumental, I'm not picky
Favourite Games
Dark Souls saga
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So yah... The lovely day of the year, aka, the cheesiest day of the year, aka, the day of the year where you can rot your teeth with chocolate since Halloween... But, who cares? Even if I'm not into, a friend gets happier cuz... Walking Dead Month... Heh, walkers. But, yah know what they say, bad with love, good with games (sounds strange in English). Since I have no one to worry about holy chocolate, I may be thinking do some couples for the time (if I don't get much into phylosophy... I'm studying) It could be anything, friendship, friendship with a touch of hurrdurr, friendship that is shamefully called "friendship" by how s tension they
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Hey... I'm, well, I'm in a hard time. All begone when I had a discussion with my dad when I was playing Smite, one thing led to another and just like all ways lead to Rome they bring the same subject. I am an addict of the PC by the eye of my parents ( or at least almost addict) I know I spend time with my notebook (4 or 3 hours per day, these days in vacations at least) but justifying the lack of PC every time I'm nervous, that's pretty common. The thing, now my mother is into "helping me" with this problem. And my usage of the PC will be limited (and she wants "no games at all" when all the time I use the PC they think I'm playing) This
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Heeeeey ppl (who know me) I'm anouncing that I'm playing Smite (yah, the international, the latin spanish voices sucks [La voz de Nemesis, la diosa de la venganza, tiene la voz de la señorita del autobus Magico]) So! join me, let's kick some godly asses and laugh! (cuz I laught when we fail so awesomenly) My user is LoneDestiny (duh) also known as Sirce Anyway, I'm up for rp's too, so call me (maybe) Cya! ~dummywooplz (
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((hey fam!! I'm sorry it's been forever since we've last spoken, but I do hope things have been going well for you! I was wondering if you had Kik, Skype or Google plus so we can keep in touch with one another more often uwu))
Hey mate, good to hear about yah and so I do wish things go well for you too.
In these days I'm not in those you mentioned but o well (wait, ppl uses google plus? whaaaaat?)
((Thanks for talking to me on Tumblr! I'm Matt-55! I know it's been a while, but no matter what, I hope everything goes good for you!!))
((It's always nice to hear from old fam tbh ;w; I'm glad to hear you're doing fine! I use Google plus tbh uwu it's a decent site for me, so I've been all over the web XDD))
((AAHHHH!! HELLO!!! ;w; ))