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E Wing 'Aurora,' Front View



View of both sides and the back are linked.

So, I thought I'd post each of the views from the previous E-Wing individually so that folks could see a bit more detail on their screens.

I have a version of these images where the canopy glass is fairly well blacked out, as it would be in the event of blocking out the light and radiation of an explosion, but I wanted to have a fairly clear look into the cockpit. Personally, I think that being able to get that internal detail gives it a bit more depth and life, beyond just a slick looking exterior. I based the layout of it on the F-22, with elements from other fighters, like the F-16, F-15, and A-10.

Though I've had some experience with working on actual aircraft, and have used some of that knowledge (not the classified sensitive stuff, of course), I've been wanting to get some input from others who've been involved with aviation, engineering, and mechanics to flesh out the details of this and make the backstory and all that a bit more believable for a sci-fi vehicle.
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