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Madness Combat. Ref - Denise
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Published: November 25, 2014
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Yoo guys!
I realized that I still haven't uploaded the reference sheet for my MC!Self (or okay let's say she's rather an OC based on my appearance) so I upload it now c:.
I even entered the Project Nexus Contest with her (with a different name and all because I honestly think it'd be fucking weird if you throw in a self-insert char). I'm just going to copy (and slightly alter) the shit I wrote to The Swain as a description /laughs

- Name: Denise
- Gender: Female 
- Occupation: Fights against the A.A.H.W. 
- Personality: cautios, modest, intelligent & witty, cheerful, sometimes anxious, driven by emotions, childish, kinda insecure

1) Positive: 
- Agility: She is incredibly light-footed and quick with great dodging abilities and outstanding stamina - making her a hard-to-hit/shoot target. 
- Silence: Her almost unnoticable steps while walking/sneaking are a good way to steal things from others, disarm the enemy or stab/shoot others from behind. 
- Intelligence: Outsmarting others is her speciality. Wether it's by luring someone into a trap or by making someone shoot their own leg in confusion, there's almost always a way to mess with the enemies' heads. While she's also good at coming up with plans and ideas she usually yields to her comrades.

- Weakness: Compared to most of the Madness Combat characters Denise is below average when it comes to strength. She tries to avoid hand-to-hand combats at all costs and often has trouble carrying heavy weapons [>9kg/19lbs] - which she hates to admit, so you can occasionally see her struggle with picking up heavy things. 
- Emotions: Being the caring and selfless type, working together with her allies (Hank, Deimos, Sanford) can get her into deep trouble. Sometime she's more interested in her 'friends' (at least that's what SHE calls them) safety than her own, making her an easy target for surprise attacks - but she tries to keep her 'others-first' attitude out of combats as good as possible. Another weak spot would be extortion/blackmailing - IF someone gets caught or jailed by the A.A.H.W. she would never hesitate to 'come to their rescue', no matter how dangerous or foolish it'd be. 
- Earthbound: Cannot climb. No tree climbing. No rope climbing. Nothing.

3)Neutral: Average-Good: defense, gun handling, etc.

Rejected by the A.A.H.W. for being 'a weak female' her anger towards the organization lead her to the Anti-A.A.H.W.combatants. Seeing her potential, Sanford offered her training. Supervised by Sanford and Deimos she learned a lot about weapons, attack & defense techniques and about the A.A.H.W in general - gaining almost 80% of her battle-knowledge from her two 'trainers'. After being around them for such a long time, Denise considers them as 'big brothers', being very loyal and devoted to them. Of course she DOES respect both of them, nevertheless Sanford seems to be more authoritarian and strict and therefore gets taken seriously more often than Deimos, who she enjoys to joke around with regularly. While she didn't see Hank very often she seems to almost equally care about him and always enjoys his company, not least because he's a badass killer machine. Now she's determined to make all of the A.A.H.W. guys regret they didn't accept her and is ready to kick some asses with our favorite Madness Combat anti-heroes!

- HAIR: Her hair is ALWAYS braided and lying on her shoulder as it makes fighting a lot easier and prevents the danger of being pulled by someone behind her back or getting her hair stuck somewhere. 
- DOG TAG: Just in case she gets killed by someone. Always good to wear one. 
- LEATHER GLOVES: Better grip on guns and other weapons. Also because she's stylish. 
- BELT WITH BAG: She keeps important things (bandages, a knife for emergency attacks, etc.) in it. Also a good hiding place if Deimos smokes way too much once again. 
- LEATHER BOOTS: Because no one wants blood on their feet while walking above the agents' bloody, torn apart corpses. 
- HOODIE: Camo style. Not very effective in a desert but still. Her hood is sewed on the back of her clothes so it's not that easy to pull her by it. In an emergency case (a la being held back by her hoodie somehow) she can also get rid of her jacket [wears a black tank top underneath].

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Esitaro3670Hobbyist Artist
oh god, she looks cute trying to carry that shotgun
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magshiStudent Digital Artist
I wonder how she reacted to Deimos' death during the events of MC9...
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Joachim-BergerHobbyist Writer
That's a cool madness character.
The description could use more madness, however. It's really down to the ground when compared to - OMG giant marshmallows falling from the sky!
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Hay what about smg
SinisterMoonCry's avatar
I think her poor physical attack is forgiving due to her stamina, her stamina allows her to be a quik flanker with an SMG, quikly dashing up to enemies with her gun and shooting them, and maybe retreat after that.
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techicoloredDisasterHobbyist General Artist
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are there any spites of her?
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ghostpony666Hobbyist Digital Artist
dope as all hell, love it can't wait to see more madness combat form you XD
NichSzanProductions's avatar
NichSzanProductionsStudent Digital Artist
I got to say, the picture of her trying to pick up that big shotgun over there is just cute as all Hell.
MisterMisty-Eyed's avatar
MisterMisty-EyedHobbyist Digital Artist
this is the kind of oc's i love
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bero3000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cute :)
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HazelCapulusStudent Digital Artist
Woooah, this all looks amazing *^*
I've been trying and failing to draw my female OC, then I google for refs and find a perfect example of doing it right on the first try =P
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Roach345Student Artist
Cool ! Wait ! Why am im here !? Oh yeah ... Im got fired -_-
Dc-Marce-Kalis's avatar
Dc-Marce-KalisProfessional Filmographer
Nice Dude
Maybe your OC should be partner for My OC…
My drawing sucks :(  T_T
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TheOldPMCHobbyist General Artist
Sucks that she can't lift that shotgun.
Nighttame's avatar
Haha yeah, it definitely does. She should train a lot more I guess :D
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TheOldPMCHobbyist General Artist
She should stick to light equipment and dodging... It suits her well.
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Definitely, yeah. :D
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TheOldPMCHobbyist General Artist
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What can i say... This is really good OC... 
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kimesikStudent Digital Artist
"Earthbound", "Agility" I don't think Earthbound conflicts with Agility.....
LEATHER BOOTS" "Silence" Boots has a loud steps, it's impossible to walk/run/sneak silent when you'r wear heavy leather boots.
Also you forget relationships with 'friends' (Or I ship this...)
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Well, nah, agility doesn't have to do something with "earthbound" necessarily. c: 
Agility is more the 'I can move quick and can dodge stuff easily' while the earthbound things simply says 'she can't climb'! But I know what you mean c:

And about the leather boots, I don't know about you, but I for one CAN move really silently even if wear leather boots. If the boots were heavy combat boots with a steel-cap it'd be A LOT harder though. But they are just, well, regular leather boots :XD:

About the relationships: Yeah, I know. I added a biiit about relationships in the background story, but I'm not really sure if it's okay to include even more information. Should I? :'D
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