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Bless your Young Life
Castiel looked into the crib, tilting his head.
In the crib held Dean Winchester.
The righteous man.
Michaels Vessel.
The one who would break in hell.
But now, looking at the bright soul in the fragile vessel in the crib, he couldn’t help but wonder.
He was such a tiny thing, destined to carry such a large weight n his shoulder, the scars on his soul will be deep. But it’s all necessary for the plan at large.
The baby started to fuss and Castiel picked him up, soothing the infant with his grace, quieting him. He then looked at Dean, the babies green eyes staring back at him.
“Bless your young life.” He said in enochian as he put the baby down, “Stay strong, Dean.”
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Halloween Tradition
The Novak Halloween tradition all started with Lucifer and Gabriel. They were the closest siblings of the family. When Lucifer was sixteen and Gabriel was 5, they went trick r treating for the first time together. Lucifer was a jedi and Gabriel was a pumpkin. It will years later when the brother start teasing each others costumes.
When Lucifer moved out, Gabriel had a little brother of his own, Castiel, (seriously, Gabriel thinks his family was high on the burning bush with all these angelic names)
When Gabriel was 16, he went as Loki from the Thor movie, (because he would totally want these powers and that cool staff.) Castiel was 8 and went as Bumblebee. He was going through a chubby phase, so he actually looked a bit fatter with the bee outfit.
Until Gabriel moved out, the brothers always went trick r treat, making lasting memories.
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Little Hurts
Bobby Singer sniffled as he pulled up his pants, seeing the scrape on his knee. His daddy was mad at him and pushed him out of the house. He sniffled loudly as he sat on the ground, rubbing his eyes.
Bobby looked up and saw his best friend, Crowley, looking at him with a frown.
Crowley was a strange boy. His mother is a recluse and was rumored to perform witchcraft. Crowley always wore dark suits and his dog, Juliet, was always by his side.
“You ok?” he asked.
Bobby tried to answer, but only a sob came out. Crowley then knelt down and took out a band aid, putting it over the bleeding cut. Bobby smiled as Crowley helped him up.
“Wanna go to my house?” Crowley asked, Juliet barking at his side. Bobby nodded and Crowley smiled, taking him by the hand. He pulled him toward his house, the two laughing as the dog yipped around them.
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Mature content
Desperate Sex :iconnightstorm77:NIGHTSTORM77 9 0
Soothing the Beast
Dean was tuning his guitar when Adrian walked in.
He still can’t believe his six year old named their new puppy Adrian. Maybe he shouldn’t have left Danny watch Rocky.
He was actually against having a dog, thinking it will be too much maintenance. But Sam said it would be great for Danny, to have a little friend in the house.
So he got his son a golden retriever puppy, since he researched it was a good breed and the rest is history as they say.
Since Danny was at school, he decided to practice on his guitar. He tried out a few notes and watched as Adrian walked in and lay next to him. He strummed some more and Adrian once again got up and laid on one of Deans legs, making him chuckle.
So music really does soothe the beast.
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Special Award
“And the winner is…Dean Winchester.”
There was a large roar of applause as Dean sat up dazed, his mind reeling that he just won his first Oscar ever.  He smiled as his costars slapped him on the back in congratulations and walked up to the stage. He gingerly took his award and looked to the audience.
“Wow…wow.” He chuckled. “Never thought I will be up here with one of these.”
He got a fond chuckle from the audience.
“You know, I never thought The Thin Line will get this much attention. Mostly because of its subject. I know the Vietnam War is always a touchy subject but I, m glad it got the recognition it deserved and is equally respectful of its Vietnam vets.”
Dean then took a deep breath and continued.
“Um, first, I want to thanks Charlie, my agent, who is a badass and always have faith in my work. I want to thank Benny, our director, who helped to bring this all to life. You’re awesome, man.” He said w
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Around the Campfire
Jo smiled as she leaned against Charlie. She sees Dean and Castiel sharing a stick of marshmallows and Benny and Samandriel were whispering each other with smiles.
She couldn’t believe that this was their last summer as high school students. They were going to college the next year; they were already discussing what they want to do in college.
Jo hasn’t a clue, she was thinking about joining the army.
Charlie is thinking about going to Cal Tech, though everyone thinks she should work for the FBI with her computer skills.
Dean was going to Stanford for engineering, but might also go into teaching; everyone thought that was his true calling.
Castiel wanted to be in journalism and will probably go to New York
Benny was going to culinary school and Samandriel was also going for a teacher job, mostly kindergarteners.
Jo wonders if they will still be friends after graduation. Weill they grow apart? Will she still be with Charlie? Will she still be friends with Dean? All those que
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Milkshakes and Diamonds
Dean waited anxiously for Castiel in their favorite diner. Today was the day.
The day he will propose to Castiel.
They have been together for 2 years, but Dean knew he wanted Castiel to share his life after only six months. Oh, they had their ups and downs like every other couple, and they nearly broke up twice, but they held strong.
Dean thinks it’s funny that he fell for the blue-eyed accountant, but his friend, Missouri, told him love is like that. You find it in odd packages.
He looked over the table, seeing their favorite milkshakes on the table and he quickly took out the ring in its red box, since the simple diamond ring with the inscription that said “Forever and always.” He then heard the door swing open and seeing a familiar trench coat, quickly putting the box back in his pocket.
He grinned, hoping that this will be a great memory.
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Sorrowful Memories
Dean watched the images on the screen, feeling tears streak down his face. He watched his husband, Castiel, playing with their daughter, Claire, who is a toddler.
Castiel, who died only six months ago.
It was a car accident, a freak thing. A drunk driver off all things, an asshole who didn’t looks where he was going. Both Castiel and the driver died on impact.
The last few months were hell, with the funeral and just trying to live without Castiel. It was little things; like Castiel bringing in his favorite flowers, hearing him hum his favorite songs, or seeing him eating his honey pretzels. It was so quiet in their home, so damn quiet.
Dad looked at the side and saw his daughter, Claire, now a teenager, looking at him sadly.
“Claire…” he said quickly, turning off the TV and wiping his face, “How are you doing, hun?”
“Dad, are you ok?”
“I’m fine, baby.” Dean said. He watched as Claire sat next to him. S
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Ice Cream Roses
When Gabriel Milton started dating Sam Winchester, he knew he snagged an awesome boyfriend, one that showed how much he loved him. But Sam kept surprising him.
He knows he has a sweet tooth, hell it was practically legendary. So Sam sometimes gives him candy gifts, like a chocolate heart or a cake with strawberries shaped like a heart, thought he still chastises him for his diet. So when Sam said he was going to buy him flowers, he expected roses or daisy’s.
Sam gave him an ice cream shaped like a rose.
Sam just blushed and stuttered that he found an ice cream parlor that does ice cream in different shapes. He then started to apologize and said it was a stupid idea, but Gabriel pounced him and kissed him so hard, he nearly dropped the ice cream.
So, for now on, Gabriel keeps his flowers in the freezer.
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Mature content
Late Night Viewing :iconnightstorm77:NIGHTSTORM77 6 0
Mature content
Freckles and Bees :iconnightstorm77:NIGHTSTORM77 3 1
Gummy Dicks
Sam knows Gabriel has a sweet tooth; it’s a part of his personality. He always need his sugar fix and no candy is too much, even if they are a little weird; like jellybeans with all types of flavors.
But this one took the cake.
It was gummy dicks.
Sam had been watching Gabriel shove handfuls of that candy into his mouth and it was making him cringe for some reason. Gabriel noticed his reaction ad grinned at him.
“Am I making you uncomfortable, Sammy?”
“Shut up, Gabriel, you know it is.”
“Oh come on, Sammoose, it’s not like I have your dick in your mouth.”
“Gabriel, come on!” Sam screeched as he got up, making Gabriel laugh.
“Don’t worry moose. I’ll eat you up later.”, making Sam groan.
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Mature content
Kitchen Surprise :iconnightstorm77:NIGHTSTORM77 4 0
Chocolate Heroes
Sam looks down at Gabriel baking pans and grins.
Dean was going to love this.
He knows Dean is still warming up to Gabriel, knowing his reputation as a trickster and a playboy is a mile long. But Sam promised Dean that Gabriel truly cares for him and respects him. Gabriel is also a little hesitant with Dean since he’s dating Gabriel’s younger brother, Castiel.
Gabriel was also a baker, owning a bakery called Mr. Tricksters Sweet Shop. His specialty was making chocolate pieces into superhero logos, like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Gabriel decided to show Dean this particular skill, mostly as a bribe.
Dean was gonna love it and hopefully, get off his back.
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The Kitchen Incident
Adam and Samandriel were cooking lunch together in Dean kitchen when Adam suddenly squeezed Samandriels rear.
“Adam, we can’t.” He said, with a shy smile, “Remember what happened last time?”
Adam had the decency to blush. Two months ago, he and Adam were making out in their kitchen and got a little frisky. By the time their brothers came into the house, they were shirtless and Adam was groping Samandriels ass on the countertop.
Afterwards, Dean kinda had a “fit” and sanitizes the entire kitchen and banned the boys from the kitchen for awhile.
Ah, well, there’s always the living room.
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