Rain: One Thousand Words
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Made for the RuntimeDNA "Singing in the Rain!" Monthly Challenge held in May 2012. :D

Edit: Edited with touch-ups, 6/4/2012.

I had so many ideas for this Challenge but, at the end when I was working on this amidst getting things wrapped up for the store, I couldn't get out of my head the scene in the middle of FFX-2 where the main character (who was channeling the spirit of a long-dead pop idol/summoner) was holding a concert in the middle of Thunder Plains, a place where it never stops raining. Ever. If I'm remembering correctly, it's a time when the story's heartbreaking prelude is told and, as it ends and we return to the present, sun breaks through the clouds.

This doesn't look anything like that scene at -all- but it inspired me to go for something with the same sort of feel. :D Been years since I played that game and, somehow, I want to play it again now. Thanks for the memories!


Whooo, boy. Now this one was a learning curve!!!

Long story made short: A while back, when Winter Kingdom first came out for DS (!!!!), I spent an inordinate amount of time researching the internet and pouring over the PP2012 manual in order to figure out how to make a slope-dependant snow shader for Poser. I had this stubborn thought stuck in my head that "nobody was going to make a good set of ruins for DS that I couldn't figure out how to use in Poser!" Only to find out afterwards that someone else had already made a snow shader that was infinitely better than mine. Such is life!

So, rather than waste the fruits of that research, when it came to working on this image I went and dug up the nodes I'd been working with on WinterKingdom, looked 'em up in the manual and on the internet again (so I actually remembered what they did), and tried to make a slope-dependant shader that darkened and went transparent on surfaces facing upward. The goal: a t-shirt that looks wet in the rain! I tried running it through the cloth room, too, but I couldn't get more than one frame before the shirt started pulling apart at the seams. So, one frame of simulation it is!

A variation on the same shader was added to the jeans to darken them, and I went to town on her hair to darken up the blonde except where light was touching it.

Now, I'm not all that sure I was actually that successful with that wet t-shirt shader (I ended up adding postwork) but it was a bunch of fun to tinker with in the narrow window of time that I gave myself to work on this. (So many other things to finish!!!) My other big tinkering this time was figuring out how to take a shader-heavy skin and turn it into an SSS skin -without- losing the shaders that made it unique. Heee. Carefully placed specular lights are your friends!!!

I probably went over the top with postwork, but... I think in the end I was making this more for me than for the Challenge. :D

Software: Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop.

Singer: V4, V4 Elite Body Shapes, V4 Muscle Morphs, Vanilla Sky, Shades of Vanilla Sky (wet, SSS added), VaVaVoom 25, BadaBing 6, Distinctive Features 105e, Deja Vu Hair, DM's Coquette, Soul of a Diva (mic), Everyday for V4 (jeans), SchoolGirl3 T-Shirt, Street Chic for SG3Tee, Weep for Me V4, Sunny Delight Hair Kit (sunglasses), Drucilla Goth (necklace), Grace (earrings), Sugar Outfit (bracelets).

Scene: RDNA Rain, Rocks N Drops 1/2 (backdrop), RDNA Winter Trees, Le Village (signs), The Backstreets (fence), IDL Studio, IDL Studio Exp 1 (dome tex), Imagination IDL (9c, adjusted), Ron's Clearwater, Ron's Rain, Ron's Water, Ron's Angel Dust, Ron's Bokeh (teeensy bit!).
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OrphanedSoul|Professional Digital Artist
powerful art!
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PetervonHesse's avatar
This is awesome, great work. It seems very emotional
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eveney|Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg, this is so emotional :(
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Erulian's avatar
Erulian| Digital Artist
This Image of yours has been selected for our Images of Summer 2012 -- Congrats 8-)
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BadKittehCo's avatar
BadKittehCo|Professional Digital Artist
you have just the most amazing imagination!!!!!!!
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PJFriel's avatar
PJFriel|Professional Digital Artist
Wow. Just wow. Are yours ears burning? Because you are being discussed in a Skye convo and we're all talking about how freakin' awesome you are. hehe.

You took my breath away with this one. Absolutely LOVE it!
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NightsongWS's avatar
NightsongWS| Digital Artist
Ack. They are now! And my cheeks! You're not serious!!!

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PJFriel's avatar
PJFriel|Professional Digital Artist
hahaha! I'm completely serious! We think you're amazing. :hug:
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Dark-Fireflies's avatar
Dark-Fireflies|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
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LNBRG|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful. Simply wonderful.
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Dendory| Digital Artist
Very cool! A lot of emotion!
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ISIKOL's avatar
ISIKOL|Professional Digital Artist
nice work!
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WilliamRumley's avatar
WilliamRumley|Professional Digital Artist
Oh, cool! All of V4's joint problems aside, brilliant execution of this concept!
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teturo's avatar
Incredible scene :icondragonwant:
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space-wolf's avatar
space-wolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This piece has been featured on this week's Art Friday post on Wolfish Written: [link]
I hope you don't mind!
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NightsongWS's avatar
NightsongWS| Digital Artist
Awww, thank you!!!!! :hug:
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deskridge| Digital Artist
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Hinoto1983|Hobbyist Digital Artist
arrggg you played ffx-2? It´s a great game and the song from her is so beatiful , it´s a great scene.
Your picture let me think about the game, its for the challenge a great picture
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FreyrStrongart's avatar
I definitely love the emotion in this piece. The waterworks are also impressing but her passion is what carries the image.
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Zaarin1|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful! I had some similar ideas (in regards to shaders) for my entry, but as it turned out my new computer came and I've been spending all this time reinstalling my runtime instead of actually rendering. ;) This is one of those rare cases where I've seen a Poser render actually look wet; congratulations! :D
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deviney|Professional General Artist
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Beautiful work!
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Frollein-Zombie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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