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Egg Hunt: Saving the Lost Race

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Egg Hunt: Saving the Lost Race

Sometimes, we go on hunts to find things. Sometimes, we go on hunts to kill or conquer.

And, just sometimes, we go on hunts to save the very last of something infinitely precious.


Made for the RuntimeDNA "The Great Egg Hunt" Monthly Challenge held in April 2011.

When I look at this in the morning, with fresh eyes, I am probably going to see a hundred things I want to change. But, for now, the egg hunt is done. :D

Gads. I think I forgot to change V4's face morphs. -headsmack-

And yes, this was as much an arien fan-piece as it was anything else. I have really, really, really, really wanted to play mix-and-match with the various sets of complementing textures she's made for different outfits for a long time, and seized the chance when it presented itself. :D

I also may have way overdone the depth of field. But, given how busy the foreground was, I just couldn't separate it from the background without something to force the illusion of depth. Bad composition choice on my part, I guess. I'm open to better ideas for the future!!


Poser Pro 2010, Photoshop.

Foreground, Products Used:
Many, many of Traveler's free eggs from RDNA, the UV2 eggs. Each egg, foreground and background is two meshes: one on the outside, with displacement and bump, one on the inside with only bump.

Victoria 4, Equinox, Evelyn Hair 2.0, Sayuri Hair, Golden Drops Hair (band), Steampunk Accessories, Medusa (outfit), Asesina (neck wrap), Hidden Asesina, Flintlock Gun, Wildenlander V4, Wild Sisterhood, V4 Ranger, V4 Ranger Textures, Historical Armor, Sword Sisterhood Court, Surprise Me!, Faveral's Medieval Blacksmith (sack), Subdragon, Subdragon Textures 2.

Michael 4, Beck, Gabriel Hair, Surreal Gabriel, Wildenlander M4, Wild Brotherhood, Jack of Hearts, Rogue Brotherhood, Ad Gladio, Ludis Sword Brotherhood, Faveral's Medieval Blacksmith (sack), Urbane (earring), Condemned Interior (scrolls), Flinlock Gun, M4 Regency Accessories (watch fob), Rage at Me!, Midnight Hunter (belt), Subdragon, Subdragon Textures 2, Deaddy Bear.

Lisa's Botanicals Salvia, Lisa's Botanicals Indian Grass, Designfera Deluxe Trees, Render Studio Lights, IDL Studio, Render Studio Monochrome (on the plants). And magnets. Many, many magnets.

Background, Products Used:
Many, may UV2 eggs, Monster Rat, Designfera Deluxe Trees, RDNA Grasslands.

Dear God, I have a DD. THANK YOU PJFriel and KeremGo!!!!! YOU ROCK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! :tighthug:
Egads, there are so many awesome comments I'm going to go insane trying to answer them all! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who left such kind and lovely words! And a double "thank you" for anyone who offered advice to make my work better! :tighthug:
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19norriscarr57Hobbyist Artist


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rhunel General Artist
Very cool!  Congrats on the DD!
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This is just awesome!!!
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Corran los van atrapar! esta bien bonito ;)
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dakotaswanson7Student Filmographer
How were you able to make to 3d
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Ziggy-FoxCatStudent Digital Artist

ALso I cannot get over the little dragon in the lower left that's holding a teddy bear. Y-You couldn't have possibly made this more adorableeeee. <3
DarkStorm-7's avatar
DarkStorm-7Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful costumes!! Colors, story, expressions, all is awesome!!
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MetalPenguinoStudent Digital Artist
*sigh* the story of Monster Hunter...amazing work by the way. I really enjoy the color scheme!
Ziggy-FoxCat's avatar
Ziggy-FoxCatStudent Digital Artist
Actually, Monster Hunter focuses on Wyverns, not Dragons. ^v^

Very rarely do you fight something in Monster Hunter that is actually referred to as a dragon.

Wyverns are very different from Dragons in that they're more bestial, are either bipedal or pseudo-quadrupedal. Leviathans like the Lagiacrus are quadrupedal but lack wings. Many tend to be either bird like or dinosaur like. Dragons are...well..they're dragons! They have their similarities, but are still very different! You can still call them dragons, but in all truth, they're Wyverns.

Dragons also tend to be much more intelligent while Wyverns are, again, much more beastlike. ^v^ Both are super cool though~!
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:iconsadfaceplz: OMG!!! I want to save the dragon hatchlings! Save the dragons!!! T.T 

Excellent work and concept! The title is spot on! The narrative is instantly inviting! I can't help but wonder who's going after them! Not to mention the fantastic rendering! Love it! :clap:
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beautiful work!
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sorry for the question but are they stealing them or rescuing them?
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Ziggy-FoxCatStudent Digital Artist
Rescuing. They're trying to prevent dragon extinction. ^^
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ahhh I approve!
Ziggy-FoxCat's avatar
Ziggy-FoxCatStudent Digital Artist
Yup yup! ^u^
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EgglaneHobbyist General Artist
I like it...Nod 
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
A delightfully unique take on the reasoning behind the egg hunt. The DD description is right, I could build a whole world from this image.

Remind me to buy the rights to this idea later.
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The-Warp-CorruptsHobbyist Photographer
wow beautifull piece of work :D I love it :D I can really feel a story emerging around it and it makes it even more wonderfull :D fav piece of the day and really made me wanna start on my writing project again after beeing off for so long and is in need of finishing it :D thank you for this lovely piece of art :D
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boris0317Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stunning...just stunning!!!
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I almost can't say how gorgious and awesome i think this work is...but it is sò freaking good; it could be a scene from a Fantasy Movie...
You're a real artist!!! :nod:
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ladyarahHobbyist General Artist
I just wanted to let you know that I put this in an art feature in my group :iconrealmsoffantasy-myth: , in the article "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 55 - Little Fantasies!".  You can find it here: realmsoffantasy-myth.deviantar... ^_^
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NightsongWS Digital Artist
Thank you!!!!!!!  :hug:  That is so awesome!!!
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ladyarahHobbyist General Artist
My pleasure! ^_^
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