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Birth of a Nightmare

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I tried to update with revised version, but the original crashed and it had to be taken down. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the feedback. Yet again, Happy belated Nightmare Night!, and to all mexican deviants: ¡Feliz Día de Muertos!
Update: EQD feature! So awesome! On a side note, so many people pointing out how similar the transformation is to that of Venom... can't unsee that now.
Update 2: Well, other than the fact that what consumed Luna wasn't gooey and she wasn't grieving at the time it happened, it seems this theory of "darkness takes over" might actually be correct!
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the night she become nightmare moon , for very short moment she wish her sister save her but is be too late, alter be seal way, celestia a looking like crazy to fond away to free her sister, but one night in her dream, she fond who can save her sister and how, is a take a long time and final pay off!
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The Horus Heresy but with Ponies

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I gotta say, I can't blame Luna for going bad after seeing Celestia's sand castle. I mean, c'mon, they're fillies, but it's as if the Princess of the Day is TRYING to be a show-off.
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This. Is. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
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you can,t escape your own sins fool
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Cayde:*szraak* wow that was close!... Hello? Who's there?
Nightmare: the instrument of your demise!*shoots laser*
Cayde:you really think that's enough to kill me? Wow. No wonder you are as good as dead. Never underestimate your enemy.*out of what seems to be the back comes a death machine* I'm not a killer, but if you don't take control Luna, then I'm going to help you out.
Nightmare: Luna is long gone. You won't ever see her again.
Cayde: the truth is where you seek it.*fires a few shots and hits 2 of them*
Luna: please, get out of here! It will take you too!
Cayde: I've faced far worse.*puts some of the material in a test tube and transforms it into data* the sample will be confirmed after a minute.
Nightmare: enough of this! If I can't have Luna, then I'll take you.
Cayde: fireteam! Assemble!*2 more ponies appear with weapons of the light* take out the material on Luna's skin!
The ending is up to you.
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A comic done in traditional media? That's unique already.

You retold Luna's story beautifully.
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I feel like I'm gonna cry! So sad........................


I HATE CELESTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow, this is really beautiful! I wish I could draw like that!

(P.S. Luna is best pony.)
Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna 
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Luna is queen.

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This is SOOOO Beautiful! 
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Is that supposed to be a spider-manesque symbiote or something?
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Copypaste from one of my earlier comments: "It looks like that for a series of reasons: first of all, it's an amorphous mass of something because the way I see it evil has no actual shape; then I decided it should be sticky because that way it would be more evident how Luna is trying to fight it on panel 13, and last but not least, it's black because that's the color of Nightmare Moon's skin. The result: some black gooey blob that awfully resembles the symbiote that later became Venom."
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THIS is a better explanation than the one in season 4! And it's better drawn!
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That is what probably realy happened.
If it was only Luna's dark side she would be turned to stone like Discord. But Luna was victim here because she was possesed by Nightmare. Alone Celestia didn't have strenght to cleanse her so she put her to sleep by banishing her and Nightmare in the moon until there were new element bearers.
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On one note: Very heart-tugging
On other note: The darkness just now reminded me of the Venom symbiote
On an entirely different note: NIGHTSHADOW154!!! WHY YOU RIP OFF MY EVIL SMILE!?!
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That is true celestia does get all the attention.
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Venom-Luna, Nice
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