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Leo's bizzarre adventure Process i guess

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Final picture here:…

HI, heres the mini 'process' of how this was made. Just know, that sketch, took an hour at minimum to actually get right. That sketch, hurt. But what hurt more? Trying to get those dang eyes to look right- 15 attempts that took. 15. Freakin. Attempts. And then like halfway through the process i realised i forgot to draw the back of one of leo's horns so that threw me off. 

And don't get me started on the shading- Had to improvise a little as following the style properly was looking kinda wonky, so the solution? add more lines. Actually worked. 

The 'menacing' symbol also was added in after all the shading and lighting was added, But thought i'd keep it with the lineart and shading just cause it looks nicer. ...that was also a pain to draw, let alone locate through google images so i didnt get the syllable wrong- 

Teeth was also added in during the lineart, originally it was just a lip. But it looked weird.

ok nuff blabbering do enjoy-
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this is amazing you have improved sooo freaking much <333

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Holy heck, thank you pool ;v; Though admitedly its only cause i was tryna mimic a style ^^;

it's been a while since ive seen ye, how ya been? ;v;