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.:Gift:. Hades and Persephone

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characters belong to: Wallzki and purrwitch

Species: :iconlight-dogs:

You guys have been the sweetest people within the light dog community, and i don't think you realise how much everyone adores you guys <3 We appreciate everything you guys have done for us, and the species as a whole, and honestly the community as a whole has been such a welcoming and sweet place to be in ;v; thank you both for everything you do <3

Hoping this brightens your day just a tiny bit ;v;

//if you guys want one without the background i can easily do that TTvTT
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MY HEART... SOBS.... Thank you so much... For drawing... THEM 🥺

I personally love the background to it! It definitely contrasts their personalities PERFECTLY! 🥴🖤

Thank you so much for your sweet words and for being apart of our little community It really did help seeing this! Lots of crazy stuff happening IRL I apologize for not responding to this sooner Since Life keeps me away from being online a lot. But It's super nice to come back to this and see we were able to help create a welcoming community for you to be apart of! It wouldn't be possible without you. 🖤

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hey its all goods ;v;

ay its fine, im just being honest XD and no no don't apologise i totally understand ;v; im glad that as a group we could all bring a bit of light to you guys like you guys have done for us ;v;

im super glad you like it mate ;v;

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OHHH thank you for the kind words, and HELLO thank you SO much for drawing our babs!! ;///; I absolutely adore the background and the expressions you gave them (SO CUTE!!!) thank you soso much again Night!! ♥♥♥

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hey your super super welcome <3 im really happy you like it, and the background too ;v; i admittedly got a lil nervous it may not have been as nice as i hoped itd be XD

but im really glad you like it ;v;

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