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My to do list. DO NOT TOUCH THIS.
Anybody who tries to request this widget will be rejected instantly like oh my god no dont touch this thing it's not an actual commission widget x'D 

3 word design adopts uvu 
3 Word Adopt Design by Nightshade-warroir
Custom characters
Note me for what you want uwu I will use my ref base for the customs ^u^ 

Styles I will Draw:  

What I will draw based on the style you choose: 
Ship children 
Fusions (cause that's a thing X'D)
"Surprise me"
Customs inspired by game/movie characters 

What I wont do:
Character rip offs - basically you want a sonic/mlp character that is identical to a pre-existing one. 
Ship children with my own sonic characters. - If you want that kind of thing, I offer breedables with my mlp characters ONLY. 
Hate based characters  

I have no recent customs i can use as an example, just stuff from years ago ouo;;;
Sketch commissions
I swear I WILL Give you better photo's if it's a commision, and make it as neat as i can X'D 

Sketches vary, and can be headshots, or full body. I don't really mind, but because its 20 points, if you want a headshot, i highly suggest asking for 2 in the same commission ^^; 
MS Paint ref sheets
4 different styles available that depend on the character you want. Characters that change style depending on age, characters that are simple and have no real patterns get a single sheet (look at leo as an example) 
Characters with complicated patterns get one like the bird, and those with different forms will look like the second image, depending on HOW COMPLICATED they are. 
50 points because it takes a lot of time to make these things x'D 

Breedables are for PONIES ONLY. 

Who can be used for breedables: 
Oc's In this folder: (please ask first though, most need new designs) 
Cannon Characters 
Your OC's 

What you will get: 
5 Foals. That's why it's 50 points, 10 per foal XD 
You can keep all 5 if you wish. 

You can ask for more, HOWEVER you will only be able to choose 5 foals per batch. If you want to keep all the foals, you will need to pay extra per extra foal you wish to keep. 
Full Body shaded work
This is a pain in the ass to make, it takes so long to not just digitalise the sketch, but to shade it. This is why it's Expensive as hell. BASIC BACKGROUNDS ONLY.     

This one is pretty self explanatory if you just look at the examples ^^' 



Deviantart accounts:

Nightshade-warroir - Very inactive
Mystery-warroir - Dead/inactive
nightflaremare - Dead/Inactive
Nightshade-that-Cat - Dead/inactive


Picarto: nightshadewarroir - inactive
Twitch: MysteryPengwen - inactive

Art Sites:

Furaffinity: Mysterious-penguin - inactive
Youtube: Nightshade - Warroir - highly active - dead page though
inkbunny: MysteriousPenguin - inactive 
wysp: Nightshade-warroir - incative
Tumblr: pengwensketches - inactive

Game Sites:

Pokefarm: Mystery-penguin - inactive
Town of Salem: MysteriousPenguin - inactive
Neopets: Putrid_Pirates - Inactive
Ourworld: 13 scars - inactive
discord server: Dead
Love nikki: Gyn ID: 106031331 - Active
Flight rising: MysteryGyn - Active
Animal Jam: MysteryPengwen - Inactive
Recolour.Me: nightmia - Inactive


Facebook: Gyn Hidcabrina - Inactive + Gaming Facebook. I have no personal facebook X'D
Reddit: nightmiamoka - Inactive
Twitter: Shitaccumul8or - Forgot it existed. 

i dunno where  else im active x'D 
  • Listening to: Voltaire and vocaloid music~
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  • Drinking: Iced coffee

This is now an AU run by me, Zboys and DoubleDoppelganger sorry for the tag you two X'D

On the heir to the throne second birthday, the old king and his wife were assassinated, and the family presumed dead. 16 years later the adviser became the king, and the town was sent into poverty and despair. As years grew, so did the harsh conditions, and soon the town begun to fear and resent the new king, and wished for a new order. A rebel army has grown, and fights back for the people. They help the innocent escape, and plot to take down the new king, and bring power and peace back to the town. 

 Roles for now just so we don't forget X'D

Snow - Demonic King
Goldbeak - The tax collector, royal money keeper and right hand wingman //dem puns XD// 
Shitsu - Personal slave/maid 
Lighter - Head of the guards and personal body guard 
Minroe - advisor/scientist to the king 


Zoel - Gets fucked up by lighter XD
Blitz - working under lighter - presumed dead?


Head of the maids - Mira
Jade- maid and nurse to the servants. She was the one who got the heir out of the castle
Yoku - obsessed with goldbeak I believe? - his personal maid X'D - She is also a spy for the king and goldbeak


Eddie - Blacksmith - Works with the rebels
Belphegor - Rebel messengers: 

Rebel forces:

Tabitha - Head of the rebels
Cole - Hitman for hire - will be on the rebel side 


- Set in the medieval era
- Powers are limited as hell.  
-Sexism, Rape, Prejudice, Injustice, Gore, Genocide, Sexual assault, this stuff exists in this AU. :'T paedophilia is on the fence since it was common in the medieval era, ouo;;; 
- The rebels are seen as a huge threat to the kings power. The town see them as saviours. 

WIP Info on the groups: 

DMWAK - Party informationThe rebels:
The rebels are a large group, almost a mini town of people who have abandoned the kings grounds due to his cruel rein. Their army is smaller than the kings, but are skilled in deceit, agility and stealth. They can fight fairly well head on with the army, but rely a lot more on surprise attacks to win battles. Their agility and stealth is due to their environment, as they have learnt to use it to their advantage.
Their are several camps situated in the forests around the entire kingdom that the king rules. Only 4 camps are used as an actual camp, the largest of the four is where the main group is situated. The main group is like a town, adults, children and elders reside here, a long with a third of the rebels army. The children and elders, a long with any injured or pregnant people are kept in the base at all times, and  if the base was ever attacked, are the first to be evacuated.
Everyone goes through basic combat training, so that they are able to protect themselves

Snow, the new king: 
He was the advisor to the previous king, and was behind their assassination. Nobody knows he planned it, nor do they know that the heir and queen still live. Snow is aware that the child lives. HE rules with an iron fist, and shows no sympathy. Before his plan came to life, he made a deal with a demon, and allowed the demon to grant him demonic like abilities. However when it came to his end of the bargain, he backstabbed the demon, and killed them, effectively ensuring the deal never breaks. His motives are unknown. The town fears him, his knights fear him. The rebels hate him. His inner circle are loyal to him. He is incredibly short tempered, and disregards the people. He has a demon like lust for the head of the rebels, partially due to her secret demon heritage, and hopes to destroy her will to fight. He has a herum of women at his call. And is very very forgiving towards those close to him, in ther sense that he doesn't mind if they....hurt....a few people.

He is the tax man, he keeps an eye on the money, controls the taxes, and finances. He is also a close friend to snow, and has a lot of power due to this. Snow is also a lot more likely to let goldbeak do as he pleases due to their friendship, and even gives him his own servant. He was the one who financed the plot to kill the old king, due to his ever growing greed. Now he is able to take as much as he wishes. Goldbeak is sadistic, and will take any opportunity he can to abuse others, much like blair. He abuses yoku, and uses her loyalty to him to his advantage. And he will happily harm the townsfolk when necessary and if circumstances permit it without looking too suspicious. He is also in charge of where yoku goes when she goes on her spy duties, of course he talks to the king first, but he generally has free reign over the matter. He acts as an advisory of sorts to snow as well.

Worked as a high profile knight to the old king 16 years prior. Was well liked in his prime. When the assassination of the king occurred, He had his left side burned and broken, and his right arm was broken to the point that it would never heal properly. A tactic used to force him to use his least dominant hand. His injuries mean he is no longer a threat to the new king, and was spared only due to his high rank and skill. He is currently being used to train the new knights, and being forced into it through threats of his sister being killed like his brother. HE is a shell of what he was, broken and empty. 

Once of a handful who's powers were allowed, and kept hidden. Blair is the violent knight who is the head of the new guard. He is cruel, and enjoys hurting anyone. He used to be part of the older kings personal guard, but was part of the assassination, acting as a distraction the the guard and taking them away from the kings side. In the new age, he is the one who runs the knights and makes sure they follow the kings order. HE forces them to listen through force and fear, and uses his most trusted knights to keep tabs on the rest, and on the aristocrats. He disliked the old king as he did not allow anyone to be unnecessarily violent, which blair hated. He enjoyed hurting others, and so immediately jumped on board for the plot of murder when it was agreed he could be as violent as he wanted. Blair has fire abilities, and uses them to his advantage. when he wants to be incredibly vicious, he will heat up his blade and use ot to burn his enemies and victims while fighting them. He uses it as a torture method as well.

Blitz was sent into battle, and presumed dead when he was never seen again. The reality is that blair hid him, and took him on as his squire. Blitz is mistreated horribly, from beatings for being ignorant or careless, to being shown no mercy during knight training. HE is beaten, stabbed, and insulted daily by blair, and kept well hidden from his brother and sister. 

Head of the rebels. She is a strong leader, and tries desperately to bring peace to the town. She is aware of the heirs identity, and knows they still live. She is also aware that the queen is still alive as the queen is currently staying at the rebels main base. She puts all her recruits through a series of tests to ensure their loyalty to the cause, and to make sure they are up to the task. The main rebel base is like a town, and tabitha takes pride in it and the people she works with. 

The secret heir to the throne, and the kings personal maid. When she was a baby, she was taken into hiding after the attempt on her life, and raised in a peasants house. During a routine house check and tax collection, blair and goldbeak saw her as a way to pay off her families debts if they failed to do so. When she turned 14, her family failed to pay for the debts of that year, and as such shitsu was taken and sent to the castle. She was thrown into house work, and moved to the kings personal servant within a few years of joining. Now at 18, she seeks a way to escape, and live her life in peace. She has no idea that she is the heir to the throne. 

personal maid and doctor to blair. She was blessed by a priest, and has some minor healing powers which blair uses to his advanatage. Jade was there at the start, and was responsible along with a knight in getting shitsu out of the castle on the night of the assasination, however she doesn't know what happened after that night. 14 years later, she took shitsu in when she was given to the castle as a maid, and treats her like a daughter, however she does not remember that shitsu was the child she saved years prior. 
  • Listening to: Voltaire and vocaloid music~
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.:My family of friends:.

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These four people have become like a second family to me, their kind, sweet, caring and absolutely hilarious. I'm glad to call you my friends....and my brothers ^^

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*Friends list in progress*
My friends list is not going to be hear for a while. I've been so inactive and barely talk anymore, that i'm not sure who considers me a friend or not anymore. I still care for them all, but I don't know if they still have the same care or not, that's how long i've been silent for.
As time goes by, I willl eventually reconnect with people and rebuild this section, hopefully with my old friends still here, and maybe new ones too ;u;

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Points? by Nightshade-warroir

So currently i'm aiming for a BIG amount of points, as in the future I plan to get some commissions for my friends since as it stands I am unable to hand make anything for them. Any left over points will go to future contests, friends I feel deserve them, and just random things. My biggest aim is gifts for my friends though~


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