Hang in there, friends!
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Like many out there, I am not a fan of the Eclipse version of DeviantArt. It took me ten minutes to just find out how to make this new post. But, I realize that all changes take some getting used to, and hopefully in time we will all get our bearings and be able to return to some sense of functionality and normalcy here. My concern is a mass exodus of friends leaving here out of frustration. I ask my frustrated friends to hang on a little longer in hopes that things will smooth out one way or another, hopefully we'll get used this interface or maybe DA will recognize our issues and address them. I value you all as friends and would consider it a great loss to lose this nice experience.

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How about it! I literally stopped coming here because I hate how Deviant ‘suggests’ I look at the same stuff for days on end!

I’m trying to figure it out....

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I've finally got used to the new version, some of it seems a bit clunky to me but for the most part I can use it as well as the old version. I hope you do, too, I don't want to lose any more friends here!

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I try to look at things that are ‘most recent’ and it keeps snapping back to ‘recommended for you’!

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SamihamehaHobbyist General Artist

My thoughts exactly. I think this just needs getting used to.