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the rats in the walls

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Acrylic, 8-1/2 x 11"

illustration is of the story "the Rats in the Walls" by H.P.
Lovecraft.  It was created for a Spanish translation for a Lovecraft
anthology, "Los Mitos del Cthulhu" (the Cthulhu Myths) which will be
released through Alma Publishing in Barcelona, Spain.  It is expected to
be released in the first week of September 2019.  publisher's instagram: @almaeditorial

Some years ago I was at a Lovecraft convention in Providence, next to me was an elderly woman who was the Daughter of C.M. Eddy, a friend and colleague of Lovecraft's.   He would show up at their house to be social, or go on long late night walks with C.M..  One one evening, Lovecraft arrived to share a draft of his latest story, the Rats in the Walls.  It was her bedtime, so she had to go in the other room while he read his story aloud.  She listened as she drifted off to sleep, and seemingly still absorbed the tale as she slept.  She said she had quite the nightmare!

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I even wrote a story inspired by The rats in the walls.

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Chaosfive-55Hobbyist General Artist
Nothing better than eating home-grown vittles...
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:lol:  Yeah, nothing like home cooking :lol: Resident Evil Zombie close up 
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Chaosfive-55Hobbyist General Artist
You are what you eat! :iconchompplz:
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That's really a cool painting and very fitting to the story. Love it, how worn the stairs look, gives a feeling of aeons passed by...

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Thanks Markus! :) It felt like a challenge, as the text is so evocative... how to capture it all in one static image??

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I want the front of my house to look like this
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:lol: sounds like you've got your work cut out for you! I'm sure it would keep pesky salesmen away.

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I'll install a trap door that puts them in a horrifically terrifying maze that takes them weeks to get out of, while I watch with cameras.
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glasslingerProfessional Artisan Crafter
Beautiful job!..
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Thanks Jim! :)

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demihimeHobbyist General Artist
This is perfectly creepy, it really suits Lovecraftian fiction~ All those bones look fantastic~!
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Thanks! It was a bit of a challenge to make them read as a mountain of bones

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Hearing a bedtime story read by H.P. Lovecraft must have been quite the experience. And I like how you illustrated that scene. If I found myself walking through that passage, I'd be fascinated, I must confess. 
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To hear someone's first-hand account of meeting Lovecraft himself, especially as such an historical moment... that really made the convention something!! Glad you like the painting. :)

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son-of-the-paladinHobbyist General Artist
"It wasn't rats!"
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:lol: I bet they wish it was!

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Interesting and certainly thought provoking. Well done, Sir.
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thanks Daniel! :)

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NecroticBorderlineHobbyist General Artist
That story of Eddy's daughter is quite a nice anecdote.
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I had never expected to meet anyone who met him, it really added to the event to hear a first-hand experience

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