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Los Mitos de Cthulhu (cover illustration)

This is a wraparound cover art for “Los Mitos de Cthulhu” (“the Cthulhu Mythos” Spanish version) for Alma publishing from Barcelona.  11x17” Acrylic.  As I have depicted Cthulhu many times, I try to focus on different aspects of Cthulhu with each approach.  This time around I wanted to focus on Cthulhu's long-reaching psychic influence.

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That's what the waves looked like to me !

Outbreaks of visions, dreams, insanity, riots...

They all stopped abruptly ...
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Wow, I have no idea why I haven't noticed this earlier! Great artwork!
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Thanks, Markus!  I have a special new Cthulhu painting on it's way... I hope you don't miss it.
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Amazing work. 
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Fantastic job as always - though I initially thought that this was Cthulhu in space :)
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Thank you!  Good question about the background, though I suspect Cthulhu could have gone through space in some form to get to earth (because he/it wasn't born here, right?), I think this background was meant to be more conceptual than literal.  I wanted to hint at how far reaching Cthulhu's psychic ability extends.
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A fine illustration as per usual... The fact that it is built around graphic design doesn't hurt it any.
 But I must be broken in a way as I see something that metaphorically, would be in my 'back room'!
 Teasing of course, except for the part where I'm broken.
 Enjoy the holiday! 
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I finally made the cut for the back room! :lol:  Tentacles are often perceived as, uhm, 'masculine', and I could see how perhaps some 'feminine' could be seen in the center of the head.  Lovecraft was rather squeamish about sex ( I guess if you are 'broken', he is 'fixed'), so anything sexual about a monster would be all the more horrific to him. :lol:
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Well done, my Friend. Flowing and thought provoking.
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thanks, Daniel!  I'd love to know what thoughts it provoked. :)
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You're very welcome!❤️😊.

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Good morning friend, OOOOOOOOO, Awesome!!!!!!!!!.
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Good morning! :)  Thanks for the kind comment.
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Cthulhu fhtagn!
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exactly what I was thinking ;)
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Super cool, I love the Cthulhu's skin texture. The background is simple yet effective. :clap:
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Thanks Aleksandra! :)  I've illustrated a number of covers before and usually all that is requested is I leave the top third of the image less busy so text can go on top without conflict.  This time, however, the designer did their work first and asked me to work around it.... and it left me very little space.  If you click on the amazon link in the description ( or if that doesn't work just search "Los Mitos de Cthulhu" and you can see how much room the type consumes.  I guess it meant less work for me, but it felt strange to under-use all that space.
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Sometimes less means more. I'm yet to try it in practice ;)
I love it as is, would hang it as a poster o my wall. 
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I'm glad you like it! :)  When a publisher asks for something so specifically shaped I sometimes feel like it may limit the way it can be enjoyed or re-utilized.

My next Cthulhu, already in progress, is going for the 'more is more' approach. :lol:  I'm trying to capture the overwhelming experience of being in Cthulhu's presence, the chaos and insanity.
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This is a fantastic work! 8D You put the whole mood for such a title into its wraparound cover art~! <3 I love it! Though, I would somehow dread sleeping in the same room as that book now.

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Thanks for the kind words! :)  The type took up a lot of the space, so I had to get creative... I thought the emanating waves from Cthulhu might help convey the strong psychic influence.

The book won't bite you, I promise! ;)
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