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i find Mighty Number 9 to actually be. fun game. characters are fun, stages are a pain but they still are fun, boss fights are a good challenge and eveyr single weapon is amazing.That's my opinion…

i'm not sure if she's dead or not...she's mentioned being stressed about running the server and she just sent me "Sorry for talking to you. Goodbye"
should i give up on this account?
should i give up on this account?
I honestly feel like giving up even trying to draw, i mean i can't draw asses, i can't even draw a circle correctly free handedly, i have no self confidence in art or myself. My art is fucking trash anyways, i'm just not sure why i should just try anymore 
So i'll attempt to make something with it!
Christmas Dreams by RoyalOppai
The only way this can get better is if she became much larger!… This link goes to a channel that deserves ALOT more love, she has 8k while she deserves at least 20k, you mind subbing to her if you like her?
nipaishin, we need more of these
You're fucking up horribly, i know it's an outage but i was busy with important conversations!
How do you make point transactions, i'm asking cause i was thinking of making adoptables
<da:thumb id="703992005"/>  He's angry cause i denied his friend a Art Trade in rude way because i didn't like his friend. So he tries to ruin my reputation i got friends who can draw so nothing worked, along with having other people who can back me up so again you failed you SJW.
RULES: 1. No scat, piss, guro or popping sequences 2. If i don't like you i won't pick you so don't be annoying or mean to me and 3. You ask me for an rp you're NOT getting the art trade and you'll have to contact me on Skype or discord.
Alright! Every day i'll offer 1 person an art trade! 1 art trade per day, i need this so i can draw as often as possible so i can get better and get a style maybe. I'll pick who gets the art trade for the day. If you don't get picked just wait another day and you could get picked. So any takers?
I may not belive in god but for all of you christian people reading this note, God bless you and america, just to be kind. But for the rest! Have a great time for this 4th of July!…
For the people who favorite my stuff and follow me i have to say: THANK YOU! I mean i couldn't do that enough and this is for now and for later on so again thank you.
If you like my stuff then do me a favor: ask this guy for a commission, he makes some great stuff and it's worth the payment, so go support him and buy a commission.  
well i dealt with my annoying and loud as fuck sibling and a whole couple of minutes of disappointment trying to watch something with my dad. I just feel bleh...
I'm starting to feel like absolute shit now. But you guys probably don't care, if you don't it's fine...i wouldn't care for me either and i don't....I never did...
not so good, i feel like shit