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I Bare My Marque by HiddenRelevance, literature

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OMG there's gonna be a new Terre D'Ange book! Cassiel's Servant, which is essentially Dart from Joscelin's POV. 
Okay, it's about three-four months since I last talked with the person I had asked to do the marque I had asked for and I haven't heard back from them since. If all those who contacted me before, or any others, please contact me again, I'll be happy to discuss the marque with you.
I would suggest noting all of the interested parties personally as I don't suspect they check our profile regularly. You're bound to get a faster response that way. You should be able to bulk note them too.:nod:
I've contacted the one I had picked to do the marque a few weeks ago, and haven't gotten a response. And considering the last the two of us had talked, it was back in January.
Ack! Sorry to hear that. I'm noting you some recommendations to a few folks I know who do wonderful design work.
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I'd really appreciate some help designing a marque if anyone is interested..I have the components I know I want incorporated and a basic idea, but I'm having some artist block and need some help @.@

Please send me a note if you're interested!
I'm also looking for one who's familiar with LOTR. If you don't know what that is, then I will most likely not be going with you. Thanks for your offers though.