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Take a turn around the gallery. I'm pretty eclectic, so you're bound to find something interesting. Plus a few tutorials are in there.


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600 DPI tones + Links updated
Hi everyone. I've gone through my old screentones site and updated the link portion of the site, weeding out the old dead links and adding some new spiffy ones. Many of the new links are not in English and I had ton of fun scavenging after them without knowing any Japanese!
You'll notice that not only are there links for photoshop, but also downloads for Manga Studio (mainly 3d modules), comicworks and other additional screentone plugins.
I'm also upset Powertone TDT. files aren't compatible with Computones ¦can</i> resize them for webcomicing purposes.
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Xander Mayes
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I never know what to write for these things. Honestly, I don't. :) So the bare bones of it are;

I've got a pretty eclectic set of interests, so I'll make art of almost anything. I've been at this for a while (15 years...holy crap! :eyepopping: ), but as far as I'm concerned, I've still got a lot to learn, so I'm always working to improve my skills.

I guess the last part should be this; I try to respond to everything I get...within reason. Sometimes I get comments I just have no good response to, and I'm not going to clutter up anyone's page with "thank yous."

So thanks for reading this...but go wander my gallery. That's where the interesting stuff is! :D
So...I don't know it you've heard or not, but Patreon has begun a new round of purges. No, I wasn't one of them...I'm nowhere near that noteworthy. :) But the thing is...I am fundamentally against what they're doing.

Here's why: Creative people tend to be fundamentally transgressive. We push and cross boundaries in order to explore and present ideas...and sometimes mock them. That's really the job description, but it's not always a profitable one. So when something like Patreon comes along with the potential to make that part easier, it's really no wonder so many will jump at the opportunity. Myself included.

For myself, Patreon really hasn't ever been profitable for me, and their activities over the past two years have raised serious doubts for me about their continued viability. They were pretty much the only game in town, though. And, as the saying goes: I had to play. On one hand, that's no longer true. There are other crowdfunding sites...until someone Patreon booted switches to them, and then the payment processors go "Nope!" and Patreon's competition founders--which should look suspiciously like collusion to anybody paying attention to this. How did Mr. Conte put it? Oh,'s "manifest observable behavior."

For the record: I'm not a big voice. Never have been (much to my ego's chagrin), but it seems to me that when organizations start to limit the big voices...there's a serious problem with those organizations, and it's time to withdraw your support (however minimal) from them. Also, that it's only a matter of time before they come after the small voices. So I've shuttered my Patreon account. Not a hard decision as it wasn't doing much for me, but it does pose a problem. Where to now?

Well, I'll figure it out, and rumor has it some folks with access to some actual resources are working on this problem from their end. So I'll be keeping an eye out.
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Ars Valkyria Ch2 Pg 3
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Whoo...took longer than I wanted to get this page done. Not entirely sure why...not anything all that complicated on it... Or maybe that's why. Irony... But got some more characters to introduce here, so that's what we're doing here! :)
See Something You Like?
Well, here's a slightly obscure character, Nefertina from Mummies Alive! It was an interesting show, but it didn't last long...Okay, a 40 ep run isn't short but it's also only one season, so I guess it's a "you mileage may vary" thing.'d think that with a figure like that at least the priests who mummified her would've figured out she was female even if her fellow guardians didn't...Must've been sun-blinded, or something, I guess... :shrug:
Ars Valkyria Chapter 2 Page 0
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Not a whole lot to say about this one, really. Just the start of a new chapter, is all. :)
This is where I'd normally put in a "Support Ars Valkyria on Patreon" link, but between Patreon's new "policies," my own anti-PC position, and the way this story is gonna go...that link isn't gonna function any more. I'm looking into other options right now, and that's gonna take a little while. So for the time being, it's just the lo-res stuff here on DA.




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Request guidelines are here: Requests and Commissions Guidelines Bear in mind that I fulfill requests as my time allows, so it could be quite a wait before I actually got to it.
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You're most welcome! :D I suppose DA kind of reminds us about birthdays and such ;)
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Truth. Although it's also true that I've managed to completely forget about it a few years. :D
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