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Simple Scene commission for theroguez on twitter! ^^



Character © theroguez
Art © Nightrizer

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© 2021 Nightrizer
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this is SO simple

MiceAlbinoska's avatar

hello, they respect your art very much and can I make brushes from you ? :3

OneSpiritHeart's avatar

Really, "Simple Scene"

CrescentMoon7's avatar

HOLY! This is so good! How do you make it so realistic?

DixieCarroll's avatar
Wow, your art makes me so happy. You perfectly captured the moment. I can just imagine the chill breeze, the way the grass would sound as the wind blew through it. Perhaps the character up front heard some far off call and was pausing to listen to its dying echos and you just caught them in the act unaware.

An adoring fan Dixie. ^. .^
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This is just stunning. I mean so beautiful!
KMackJr's avatar
L-Starshade's avatar

So beautiful owo

TommyLebaby's avatar

I love this shit dog :)

RedBamelle's avatar

I love how realistic your background looks! *-*

PaperTiger-63's avatar

This is litterally beautiful! How much do you take for a commission like this?

Alex-Baxter's avatar

Beautiful use of color!

CosmoJamm's avatar

how is this simple

please explain

ScorchedUp's avatar

thinking the same thing-

CosmoJamm's avatar
lol ya this artist is awesome
Comet-117's avatar

Your art makes me wish I could teleport into it. You always make the backgrounds feel so incredibly real! Fantastic work :heart:

FeIibae's avatar

god i love that background ;0;

KarlosJackMcRain's avatar

So amazing! I really love the way you do your environments! Well done! :D

Hardwing's avatar

It looks so natural!

Joakaha's avatar

Very nice work! :clap:

StarskyO's avatar

You've probably heard this before but I love how you use the word 'simple' to describe something like this.

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