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Shattered Sky + Speedpaint/huion tablet review!

By Nightrizer

:star: Speedpaint/review video:

I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by Huion to review one of their tablets! Thanks to huion for the amazing opportunity! :D I will be writing a review article here in about a week after using this tablet for a bit longer. ^^

As for the art: It's been a long time since I've actually done Warriors fan art that wasn't a MAP part. I decided to do the ending of Shattered Sky, because I thought I'd be interesting to draw cats fighting in water lol.

Please do not spoil Darkest Night or River of fire in the comments. I have not read those books yet, so I don't want to see spoilers. People like to spoil this series for me any time I post warriors content lol, so please don't do that. ;;



Warrior Cats belongs to Erin Hunter/HarperCollins

Art © Nightrizer

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I love the background with the lightning. It gives the situation a really eerie and even more threatening atmosphere. :o

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OMG this is amazing!

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Amazing! It's wonderful!
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This is a little late, but this is absolutley stunning. It is my favorite scene in all the books and you definetly captured it perfectly if not made it better.

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Darktail is amazing 👍
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It's so amaZing omgggg!!!
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This is amazing! I've always wanted to do some type of warriors fan art with water, but i just don't know how.:D

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It looks so real. Im new on DiviantArt and i must say that this is the best piece i have seen so far! Congrats to you!

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That's so goooooooooooood!

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Posing is absolutely phenomenal with this one. Good work!
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This looks so real


no other words can describe this
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I have no words hhhh I LOVE THIS
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Ohhhhhhh Onestar and Darktail death battle!!!!!!!
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This is freaking awesome!
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oh my god everything about this piece is amazing. i don't think i've ever seen warriors fanart on this level. just, wow.
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Is sou butyfool!!!!!!!!!  Its ameizing!!!! 
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How much is something like this? I've been wanting to commission you for a while now.
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Thank you for your interest! I'll probably be opening up a few commission slots in September if I find the time. ^^This illustration is a bit different than what I usually offer (the shading is simple but the background is detailed haha) but there are a couple of illustration types I offer that are similar:

Simple half-body scenes are $35 USD base price


  Milton and Lewis by Nightrizer
Wynter by Nightrizer

Or a detailed close-up scene for $60 base price


  Threshermaw and Chimaera by Nightrizer
Charlie vs Jacob by Nightrizer

You can find more info on pricing here! Commission Price Guide 2018  :)

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