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Hook vs Dragon


Commission for :iconsilver-zabrak: ! The character here is Hook from Once Upon a Time fighting a dragon. :D Thank you for commissioning me! :)

Art © Nightrizer

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I think that's the dragon from the beanstalk one episode Final battle- Pt 2 Last episode of series 6
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What episode are you on???
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I knew it I knew that was killian lol
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Ooooooooooh Thats how Hook died then.
KatarinaDreams92's avatar
looks like a Charizard
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I love this show! (It does look like Lily) Hook is draw so well and realistically and the dragon is beautiful, love the foreground to! :D
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Woah! This is awesome!
2wolfan's avatar
I'm actually starting to watch that show !! :'))) ouat 
also,, amazing commission as always ahh <3 
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That's so amazing
FalconArte's avatar
Dang, wow. The dragon looks fantastically anatomically correct. His build reminds me of a Bearded Dragon. Lol.
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skyrim feelings
idk why..
this is good sh*t right there my dude
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Holy sh*t Killian as an animated character is something I never knew I needed! This looks fantastic omg <333 As for the result of the fight.... Eh, he is a survivor... Even when he dies he lives so I'm not too worried x'D
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I bet, he will lose his other hand too.^^
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You're welcome! And this is freaking amazing! Another wonderful and gorgeous piece of art to hang on my walls, along with the Daryl & Raine you made me back in 2015. I love it so much! Love La la la la 

And apparently my idea is going over pretty well. lol
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wHOAHHHHHHH DUDE I really love the colors on this hhhh amazing job!! ;w; <3333
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yeah Hook is a goner if that sword is all he's got LOL Love the colors
I love it❤️❤️❤️
silverwolvesarecool's avatar
How the heck do you do such wonderful artwork!? The animated look to this is amazing!
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