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Draw This Again: Spark of Courage

By Nightrizer
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I made Courage older in the newer one, cause I miss drawing my characters as adults. ;u; I wanted to do one of these for so long, but I never really had the motivation to, until recently that is.

Blank meme:

Art/Character © Nightrizer

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Wooow. Yes you have improved XD :D
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MAN you have improved X'DDD
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Wow! That's some awesome improvement! Congrats :aww: :la:
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its like before:cub after:Adult.
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Yes i was thinking the same thing " This is his childhood and this is his adulthood " 
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WOAH! I love the progress you've made! It's awesome. :D
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there is hope for me yet
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You have really improved very well done!!!:happy: :happy: 
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much beter.... ^_^
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OMG!!!!! I remember when I first saw the drawing from 2011 and now... IT'S STILL AWESOME!!!!! The improvement is on point! 👌 What I'm trying to say is this is great!!!
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Aww so cute and Awesome!
This character is verry Nice ♥
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Nice improvement :3
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You have done an AMAZING job! I love how you do your art, it is absolutely stunning. Stay artsy! :) (Smile) 
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Whoa holy balls this looks awesome just look at that beautiful lighting, I think I'm about to have a heart attack XD
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Soooo much stunning improvement.. I mean darn, you were good then, but nooooow. owo
fromboytomaaaan.. lol, he just has a more mature look to him in the new one. c:
I'm really happy you decided to finish it, it looks amazing! :D
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Thank you so much! ;u;
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