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Back In My Day


Screenshot Scene commission for evergreencmc on twitter! ^^



Character © evergreencmc
Art © Nightrizer

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Aaaaaa for some reason the one with feathers looks like Starflight to me so cute : D

PeridotPhoenixx's avatar

How on earth do you make those lines so thin, do u use a high strength stabilizer???

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"Back in my day, we used to call eating plants 'Flat Freddies'. They cost four gastroliths a bite."

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Ankylosaurus: Back in my day small predators like you didn't have all those fancy shmansy feathers and plumage. Naw, they were as scaled and smoothed skinned as the rest of us. Well, I mean except me, I've got a rock hard back but that ain't the point! The point is back then your kind were fearless hunters. And now? Now you youngin's get bent out of shape and panic whenever a feather is out of place.

Raptor: *Indignant* Hey, I do not freak out!

Ankylosaurus: You got a bald spot on your hip.

Raptor: I'm molting!? Where!? Where!?" *Pauses as he realizes how ridiculous he reacted*

Ankylosaurus: You see?

Flexiran's avatar

raptor: im gonna eat u >:D

anky: Back in my day...

raptor: are u kidding me?

EverestArts's avatar

Lmao he’s like what’s wrong with you???

LivingGhost1's avatar

That face it the epitome of "Are you f**king kidding me?"

DandinFreeLands's avatar

The commissioner must have been watching If Dinosaurs could talk by Flipside Entertainment

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this looks very nice.

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It could be scene from an animation! Great done

KarlosJackMcRain's avatar

Impressive work! ^_^

KuroNeko369's avatar

I'm starting to say that myself and I'm not even 30 yet!

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Back in my day we clobbered predators, rather than talk to them.

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Aaaa your art looks like it’s 3D! You’ve improved so much over the years! Awesome work as always!

CougarHearted's avatar

This looks like a screen capture from an animated movie! =p

Libertades's avatar

It's very tempting to try and finish that sentence in this context lol

Great art!

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