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Are You Lost?


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Full-body Simple Scene commission for :iconcaesol: ! Thanks for commissioning! :)

Characters © Caesol
Art © Nightrizer
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© 2020 - 2021 Nightrizer
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Dragonclaw984's avatar

no, but now i kinda wanna be

sallamaander's avatar

Holy crap! This looks amazing! Keep it going, don’t give up!

RebellingLemming's avatar

Intimidating climate!

BlueShadow074's avatar

i can just feel the creepy aura in mist.

hyenish's avatar

the atmosphere and layers of detail this piece has is absolutely stunning- I can't get over the frosted leaves and how 3D the characters look!

Setecema's avatar

omggggg so great >w<

Starsky01's avatar

It's wonderful

ThornShadowWolf's avatar

Incredible work, as usual. I especially love the wolves in the background

Ferni19's avatar
Me loat6? Pfttt no I just go for random walks in the woods not knowing where I'm going! So you can just leave me be and let go on my way alright? ^-^;
zebrasonice's avatar

This is a cool shot.

Ozzymodan's avatar
neeravart's avatar

It's fantastic how well the character blends with the surrounding.

WolfPawsteps's avatar

Oh the pose in this is amazing! I love how you drew the ground and the frost on the leaves, it's all very lovely!

KyraTheBlackWolf's avatar

I really love the way you paint in those scene commissions! Do plan on someday explain how you do it?

laiviine's avatar

i love the vibes

Peachyfluff41's avatar

WOW! I love the atmosphere of this! <3

IvoryTheBashful's avatar

So much story told in this image! AMAZING!

Hardwing's avatar
KarlosJackMcRain's avatar
tothe44's avatar

I love the storytelling of this piece, with the viewers perspective crouched low in the shrubbery as they peek out from behind the tree.

Caesol's avatar

Gotta say it here too -- but the way you drew Lou and rendered him AND the background with his pack-- I'm so in love. AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING HIS EYES SUPER REFLECTIVE. Those have to be my favorite part of this!

Alfazil's avatar

This looks amazing.

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Somehow, I don't think answering "no" will do me much good in this scenario ^^;

theartistChris's avatar

ngl when i first saw this it made me think of dauntless right away XD

did i say this was good art?

Well it is and i love it ^^;:D

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