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Character Blinking GIF
I will create a blinking GIF animation of a character or OC of your choosing! I can draw the entire character and just animate the eyes. Or, to make it in less time, I can do just do a headshot of the character/OC blinking! Let me know which one you'd prefer! Price range varies depending on difficulty of the drawing itself if you want a fullbody plus the blinking.
Character Comissions!~OPEN
Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I have recently added this commission widget! I want to draw for others, and I need the help with gaining points faster. So, if you ever need anything drawn, just drop a comment on my profile, or, just note me! I will draw whatever you describe or show me! If the drawing is not what you wanted, I will give you back your points, fair and square! I'll draw your own characters or characters from other media! 

Oh, um, when you clicked request commission, DeviantArt will automatically give me the points that you would pay, after 14 days! So, you don't have to give me the points because DA gives me the points after 14 days! Sorry if this is all confusing, I'm just learning about this!
 But, I will not draw anything NSFW, inappropriate, or anything too challenging, etc. Have a great day everyone!~



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Hey everyone! I created a donation pool for points!~(obviously) Lately, I've been seeing amazing artworks from others that never get used as much. I would always want to buy them, since I have great ideas and roles for characters! I know I'm asking for a lot, but, it would really help me out, thanks!~

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Echeveria Cookie |Cookie Run OC|
Another OC that I made. This time, it's for a mobile game called Cookie Run: Ovenbreak! I'v been playing this game for a while, and I love the art and different Cookie's in the game! It's really fun to play, and I'm happy to make him. So, in the game there a multitude of Cookie's, from actual flavors like chocolate, to weird/non-flavored Cookie's such as Ghost Cookie and Mustard Cookie!

Since I can even make inanimate objects into Cookie's, I decided to make one based off of one of my favorite types of plants, SUCCULENTS! The Cookie's also have Pets with them that help them gain coins and jellies (objects in the game that improves your score). The pets are normally based around the Cookie themselves, or a theme or item that's associated with that type of Cookie! I made Echeveria's Pet based off of a glass terrarium named Terrium. The Pet's name is a pun of the name Terri and the word Terrarium itself. 

Anyway, long explanation over! I hope you like Echeveria Cookie and his Pet, Terrium! (I'll be drawing another Cookie Run OC)

"On to the next location."
―Echeveria Cookie

Echeveria Cookie is an Epic Cookie alongside his pet Terrium. He has the ability create a glass ball around him, similar to his Pet Terrium. This allows him to be invulnerable to damage for about 24 seconds, the length of time will increase after leveling up. This gains destruction points, doubling the score. Collect Leaf Jellies to activate this ability as Echeveria Cookie and grant more points.

In a warm arid desert, leaves from a young succulent plant were gathered. Using the leaf cuttings and a bit of semi-sweet pink frosting, the Witch created Echeveria Cookie. Much like the plant he was created from, he much prefers warmer climates and is very susceptible to cold climates. Perhaps this is why he wears that cloak? - He uses his glass terrarium to shield him from any of these environmental harms, and to protect his twin brother, Burro's Tail Cookie. Known for being a Nomad, you'll never see Echeveria stopping at one place for too long. But he always sticks around long enough for a souvenir.


Terrium is 
is an Epic Pet alongside its owner. It makes Leaf Jelly formations at given intervals. Creates Leaf Jellies that allows Echeveria Cookie to protect himself in a glass terrarium that is similar to Terrium's body. 

Lost in the sands of time, Terrium was a magical object that could grant its owner protection. With proper care and love, their owner could be invulnerable. One day on one of his travels, Echeveria found the glass terrarium and kept it. He took the terrarium home and fixed it up. Adorning the mystical object with various plants and decorative items. Feeling happy with being cared for and appreciated, the object revealed its sentience to the Cookie and soon became his loyal Pet. Protecting Echeveria from any debris and obstacle for as long as it can.
Thank You for 300 Watchers!

Thank you all for the 300 watchers everyone! I'm so happy know that so many people like my art. I appreciate every single one of you for watching and faving my stuff. You are all amazing! I didn't know exactly what to draw, so I drew a little version of myself thanking you all! I tried a flat art style to make the drawing! I really hope you all like it! Again, thank you all for watching me and supporting my art over the past 3 years!

My Next Cosplay
So, this is my last picture for the convention I went to. This is a hint to the character I'm going to dress up as for the next convention next year! The sword and shield is made out/carved from wood! It's really well made and I can't wait to dress up next year.
At the convention, there was a lot of different cosplays. I didn't expect someone to dress up as DoodleBob to be honest! Anyway, it was really funny and cool to say the least.
Convention Merch
This is some merchandise I bought from these new comic artists at the convention I went to. I bought a comic from them, and they gave me a drawing they made for Fourth of July! I also got their business cards and they're super cute and very detailed and stylized to each character in their comic! They're such nice guys and even cooler artists! If you wanna support them, please check the links below!

Support the comic Column! 
VOL. 1 is now available to buy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BAM!
Visit their website at:

This is a Character Bio for the :iconspring-academy:! I wanted to do some more stuff with my BNHA OC Desdemona. Hopefully I'll be motivated to draw more of her in the future.

Myself acquainted with misfortune, I learn to help the unfortunate.~Virgil


  • Name: Desdemona Ko

  • Nickname(s): Dese~(By friends), Des Des (By Family, her cousins mostly)

  • Hero name: Miss Fortune

  • Age // Birthday: 16 // April 1st

  • Gender: Female

  • Height // Weight: 182.88 cm (6 ft) // 164.2 lbs

  • Blood type: A

  • Nationality: American (African American)


  • Personality

[+] (positive) She's a very friendly type of girl, and would generally be the peace keeper in a hostile situation. 

[=] (neutral) Desdemona is a fairly calm girl, but can be very stern when it comes to her work. She's afraid of hurting others with her Quirk. Sometimes she feels that her Quirk could get someone hurt if it goes off due to her emotions.

[-] (negative) Desdemona is a bit insecure about how she looks due to multiple accidents throughout her life. Although she looks normal, she has various scars all over her back. Due to this, she tends to cover up and gets extremely defensive when anyone finds out or even tries to question about wearing long sleeved clothes during hot weather. 

  • Likes:  She likes hardworking people, candy, spicy food, fast food, and traveling. Desdemona also loves working out and practicing gymnastics and Yoga. This helps her to stay nimble and agile.

  • Dislikes: She dislikes cheaters, liars, and rude people to an extent. Desdemona can't stand it when people argue either. This is usually because her Quirk allows her to see the worst in any situation. So when people argue, it makes her Quirk get set off a bit and becomes anxiety ridden. 

  • Backstory:

Desdemona was born and raised in the U.S. She's of African American descent and is an only child. She lived in Florida for the most part, and was generally wealthy (not as rich as Momo or Todoroki though) due to her parents being in the top of pro heroes in America. Throughout her life her parents would do everything they can to teach her how to use her Quirk. As a child she'd constantly get hurt as a result of her Quirk as she'd use it on herself by accident. This caused her to have scars on her shoulders and back, which she doesn't like others seeing. Her parents came off as smothering to her, and would cause Desdemona to have a somewhat estranged relationship with them. Especially her Father, who can use his Quirk to see the future, would constantly rag on her sometimes for making dumb decisions she hasn't even made yet. Her mother, with her bad luck Quirk was more or less ditsy, but very loving to Desdemona. She'd be the main one teaching Desdemona about life and other things. She stayed in America for most of her life until her parents decided to move their family to Japan. They heard about all the trouble their and thought they could help out. Taking Desdemona away from her old friends and life in the U.S. was hard on her. She didn't know their customs and was very awkward around people. She still calls people in Japan by their first names instead of their last names. It's a habit she does as a result of being raised in America. Most people are fine with it as they know she genuinely can't help it. Eventually she moved back to America after a couple of months and she's continuing school in the states.
  • Why do they want to be a hero?:

She wants to be a hero mainly to keep the tradition of being a hero alive in her family, also, she does it to help others. Just because she's Jinxed doesn't mean the whole world has to be.
  • Relationships:

    • Name 1: Jezebel Ko (Mother) Desdemona loves her mother dearly and enjoys spending time with her. She trains her daily both physically and mentally. Her mother is Desdemona's constant motivation when it comes to Heroic activities.

    • Name 2: Faris Ko (Father) Desdemona is a bit estranged from her father. Due to his constant meddling in her life at times, she tends to not associate/socialize with him. But, she still loves, respect, and admires him as she knows he's only trying to protect her. 

    • Name 3: Grandpa Ko (Grandfather) Desdemona never knew her Grandfather all that well. He passed away when she was 10 years old, and even then she'd only see him on occasion. In the time she spent with him, Desdemona always thought of him as a kind a gentle giant. Grandpa Ko always supported Desdemona in everything she strives for. Even though he doesn't have a Quirk, Grandpa Ko helped others. This inspired Desdemona even more so to become a Hero despite being Quirkless. In a way, he's her All Might.

  • Hobbies: (OPTIONAL)

Gymnastics, Exercising, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Reading Comics, Sewing, Yoga. 
  • Trivia:

    • Voice Actor: Erica Shukrani Luttrell~(Skip to 0:35 and 2:22 for her voice, the clips are very short)

    • Playlist: N/A

    • Name meanings: The name Desdemona is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Desdemona is: Misery. Unlucky. Famous bearer: Desdemona was the heroine of Shakespeare's play 'Othello'.

    • Etc: Her hero namesake is a play on words of Misfortune, meaning an unfortunate condition or event or bad luck. It's supposed to be a kind of joke on how her Quirk causes bad luck, but in turn makes her look "lucky" in comparison.

  • Extra Info:

Desdemona is a very tall gall for her age, especially compared to most of her Japanese classmates. She has an hourglass figure, quite curvy, and has quite of a sizable bust. She’s not a D or anything, she’s a C at best. She has toned legs from her agility training with her mother. She also has a lot of deep scars on her back as a result from multiple accidents from her childhood. She’ll rarely show anybody her back because she feels insecure about them. Desdemona has birthmarks on her cheeks, which are the symbol of Bad Luck in Japan. Desdemona has little thin horns growing out of her head which resemble chopsticks. It's a reference to the superstition that if chopsticks standing up in a bowl of rice means bad luck. The horns are what give her the ability to sense bad things and cause others to have bad luck. Think of them as a sort of radio antennae, giving and receiving a signal of energy. Desdemona's eyes resemble cat eyes.


  • Quirk: Jinx

  • Quirk description: She has the ability to create energy disturbances around her to harm others. It allows her to give others "bad luck" hence her quirk having the name Jinx. She can use her Quirk by either looking at a person or object, or using her energy to form energy like ki blasts to shoot it at someone or something to do a larger amount of damage. She also has the ability to use her Quirk to see the probability of bad situations only. Her Quirk is a mixture of her Parents Quirks, which are Black Cat (Ability to cause bad luck everywhere) and Foresight (The ability to see others futures). 

    • General Drawbacks: A drawback to her Quirk is that it has limited range, and if she's in a large group of people, Desdemona starts freaking out because she can't fully control what type of Bad luck a person will have. Thus making her an easy target if she's overwhelmed. Her Quirk sometimes gets set off due to her emotions, causing her to end up "Jinxing" others by accident.

    • Desdemona's Quirk can affect her to some extent. While she can't give herself perpetual bad luck, like her mother, she can create "ki blasts" of bad luck energy. They can physically hurt if she was shot with them. This tends to happen when she overextends her Quirk and her energy starts to become uncontrollable. Think of it as an engine becoming badly damaged/blowing out if you rev it up too much. When she uses her Quirk a lot (her ki blasts mostly) the energy will be too much for her to handle and start hurting anything within her Quirk's range, this includes herself.  

  • Quirk Class: DPS

  • Super Move 1: Mischief Managed ( Desdemona is able to harness her bad luck manipulation waves as energy. Forming Ki blasts that she uses to inflict damage onto people. It causes both physical damage and leaves the person hit by it with bad luck for at least a minute.This move does the most damage out of any of her Super Moves. here is where you write about what moves your character brings.)

    • Drawbacks: (They can physically hurt if she was shot with them. This tends to happen when she overextends her Quirk and her energy starts to become uncontrollable. Think of it as an engine becoming badly damaged/blowing out if you rev it up too much. When she uses her Quirk a lot (her ki blasts mostly) the energy will be too much for her to handle and start hurting anything within her Quirk's range, this includes herself. Not only that, but this move takes a lot of energy from Desdemona to do. Thus causing her to become lightheaded and pass out if used extensively.)  

  • Super Move 2: Jinxed (Desdemona has the ability to cause misfortune to people by manipulating energy around her through sight. Once activated, all it takes is one look at Desdemona to give someone temporary bad luck. She can also cause inanimate things to have bad luck, for example; robots malfunctioning, rocks cracking or falling, electronics to short-circuit.)

    • Drawbacks: (This move is only successful if Desdemona is looking at them. If one of her eyes was damaged or shut during a fight, the effect of bad luck will be cut in half. Making this move weaker if she were to get hit in the face while using it, or if the person she's looking at has an invisibility type Quirk. She can only affect things she can see. Not only that, but Desdemona has a range to her move, which is up to 20 ft.~Image result for 20 feet

  • Super Move 3: Tell Me Your Fortune (With this move, Desdemona is able to see the possible bad outcomes of any person she's looking at. Desdemona is able to determine how to approach a situation or to even attack a villain from the negative outcomes. 

    • Drawbacks: (While useful in battle and interrogation, this move can only be used on one person at a time. It is possible for Desdemona to see multiple people's futures. But doing so would leave her in an emotional anxious state, or even worse, fry her brain to the point of a coma. Another thing is that Desdemona is only able to see the "bad outcomes" with her Quirk. She can also only see the outcome itself and not how it fully happened. Think of Raven from That's so Raven.)

  • Ultimate Move: Calamity Shockwave (After building up enough energy in her hands, Desdemona can emit a large EMP blast of bad luck. It can cause anyone caught in the shockwave to become instantly jinxed for much longer than she normally can. The move gets stronger the longer she builds up the energy, almost acting like a force field of energy. The energy can emit a blast that is similar to being hit with a flurry of her ki blasts. The pulsating energy can temporarily deter people from coming in contact with her and cause various damage on both people and surroundings around her.)

    • Drawbacks: (Once she uses this, Desdemona loses all mobility in her body, meaning she can't move while performing the move. The worse part of this move causes Desdemona to become mentally broken for quite some time. The amount of energy that such a large scale attack such as this can leave Desdemona in a coma-like state for an hour. She'll still be conscious, but her mind isn't all there for the time being. In addition to this, Desdemona can't control where the bad luck will go. The move envelopes her body like a dome, so the hit radius is hard to control.)

  • Strengths: (Must have at least 3, but may have more. Can have more than 5 if you would like.)

    • Strength 1: Desdemona's most amazing strength is her ability to read people well. She's able to calculate others whereabouts, and with her Quirk, it's easy for her to see the more plausible outcome of her enemy losing a fight, which would be "Bad Luck" for them!

    • Strength 2: Desdemona's height is also another feature of her strengths as she's taller than most people. Which allows her to get a further reach on people in a fight, and also causing others to get closer to her during a fight. Allowing her to get in range to attack her opponents.

    • Strength 3: Desdemona's intelligence is also another great strength of hers! Her intelligence is the main driving force of her abilities and is the main reason she can calculate and analyze things so well! Desdemona is also quite flexible, almost cat like in nature! 

  • Weaknesses: (Must have at least 3, but may have more. Can have more than 5 if you would like.)

    • Weakness 1: Desdemona is too careful. This is a result of her childhood. She'd constantly get hurt a lot when she didn't know how to control her Quirk. So, as a result, she takes every precaution to make sure she and other people are safe.

    • Weakness 2: Desdemona is quite controlling at times. Her parents raised her in a very authoritarian parenting style (think Connie's Parents from Steven Universe). So she tries to make sure she's in control of situations as to make sure situations go out well. 

    • Weakness 3: Desdemona also tends to be quite over dramatic, especially when something bad happens. She has a massive case of Anxiety, and her parents raising her the way they did, does not help her emotional state. She tends to start crying during arguments, yelling while being happy, etc.

    • Weakness 4: Desdemona's Quirk can be easily identifiable by both her eyes and horns on her head. When activated, Desdemona's eyes and horns glow a bright Magenta. Making enemies aware if she's using it on them, although they won't know how they're being jinxed. 

  • Stats: (A, B, C, D, F) (A is best, F is worst)

    • Power: B

    • Speed: C

    • Technique: C

    • Intelligence: A

      • Academically: A

      • Battlefield Wise: C

    • Cooperativeness: A

  • How your quirk works specifically: (here is where you go into further detail about your character’s quirk. For example, with my own character Seong, I go into depth about how he uses his spine, to attack, defend, give him an advantage or disadvantage, etc.)

    • Sometimes sparks of energy will spark off of Desdemona's horns if she's using it too much. Her horns emit and influences energy to influence luck. Think of her horns as a radio antennae tapping into various stations and broadcasting music/sound.  Fluctuating from time to time. 

    • …To gain an advantage during a fight, Desdemona uses the sight base Jinx move of her abilities to get quick flashes of her opponents' failures/bad outcomes. 

    • Desdemona's emotions tend to cause her bad luck manipulation to go haywire. If she's feeling intense emotions (only fear and anger) her jinxing ability starts to amp up in ability. Making her Quirk harder to control/manipulate. 

  • Listening to: Youtube Video
  • Watching: YouTube Video
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water


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