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is holding an tablet giveaway!
check the rules at…
ps:she is a really good artist you should check her out!
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Greetings 18 followers! So, notes for what's coming for April:
  • There will be COLOR. I am excited to announce that starting in April, I will be reuploading deviations previously published in experimental color and vectored versions. There will still be new things, but... yes. Color. Enough said.
  • The great and awesome kiashone (:iconkiashone:) is doing a giveaway for a filly Derpy plush! Check it out at… The giveaway ends April the 7th, 2014, so act quickly! Lend her a follow, too, if you don't already.
Also, a question for you, my loyal followers: I'm looking to buy a good inking pen, any suggestions? Comment below!

Until next time,

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I've gotten behind on looking at my notifications on deviantArt. How behind, you ask? At the time of writing this journal, I have 3,370 deviation notifications. Any suggestions?
Hey all! Just wanted to see if we could throw some bits in this Deviant's direction. Reposted journal below:
Feeling: soaked.

Hello everyone,

In the last couple of months my family and I ran into multiple unexpected expenses.
There is no possiblities for a student job that would pay up with the costs of travelling, so I tried to make this special "3 for the price of 2" commission, to make more people interested in commissioning me so I can help my familiy with some bills, and spend countless hours of looking for people on forums who could possibly like to have a commission by me.

Unfortunetly, I the last 2 months I only had 1 paying commission and 0 paying works. I spend weeks on 2 different works that didn't payed yet (the boss said, that payment will come as soon the project is profitable).

It's not my style to ask for money without giving anything in return.
But in case you could commission me to help, even the smalles, cheapest commission, I would be really thankful.

You can find my pricing on my dAprofile.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Hay all,

I hope you have been well. After a pretty long hiatus of new work, I am working on some new and exciting things (TBA)! I hope you are as well. Anyway, I am now working with Sonic Radioboom…
You should all check it out! Best music in town!

Also, ~kiashone is doing a plushie giveaway! All you rarity fans out there: this is your chance! In any case, check out his work (…).

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SO Yeah. I decided to start writing journals when I can. Anyway, this first one is to remind me to use some scanner and get through some backlog of uploads...Signing Off: All Hail the New Lunar Empire!